Proliferation of Arms, Kogi Need an Intelligent Governor With Military Background

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The last three and half years has been the worst years in the history of Kogi state. We have never had it this bad. We complained about Prince Abubakar Audu, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and Captain Idris Wada but our current headmaster, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is out of this world.

The damage done to all sectors of our economy by the actions and policies of the Yahaya Bello led administration will sink the state if urgent measures are not taken by patriotic citizens of Kogi state.

The major source of confidence in Yahaya Bello’s camp is its robust capacity for political violence. Influx of illegal arms into the state last three and half years is unprecedented. These arms were deployed during the just concluded general elections in all parts of the state. People were killed, ballots snatched, voters were scared from exercising their franchise.

Kogi state is sitting on keg of gunpowder with large cache of ammunition in the hands hoodlums.

To avert a gloomy future, Kogi must elect an intelligent man with sound military background as the next governor of the state. His military experience will come handy in confronting the menace of illegal arms in the state.

Also, we call on relevant agencies to probe the allegations that Kogi state government gave N15Million each to all the Local Government Administrator to purchase guns and ammunition for last elections.

Aside insecurity, we need a mature, experienced, intelligent Governor that will restore the glory of the state that has been battered by Yahaya Bello.

While the whole world is aware that Yahaya Bello is owing civil servants in the state between five the thirty nine months salary arrears, this is not the only reason why the people of Kogi state hate their governor with passion.

He has grounded all critical sectors of the state’s economy! The health and education sectors are the worst hit.

Governor Yahaya Bello has practically grounded the Kogi State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja. Other hospitals across the state are not faring better.

The issue of non-payment of workers and poor welfare was brought to the fore with the recent disclosure by Kogi State NMA Chairman, Dr Kabiru Zubair that 88 doctors had left the state civil service since the commencement of the Yahaya Bello administration.

Dr. Zubair stated bluntly that doctors in Kogi State Civil Service are providing healthcare services on empty stomach. According to Zubair, the welfare of doctors since Bello assumed office has nose-dived due to poor remuneration, poor working conditions and lack of healthcare infrastructure.

“The situation of doctors are very pathetic in Kogi Civil Service, starting from underpayment, irregular payment to outright non-payment of salaries for over five months consecutively and counting. Yet, our doctors and other healthcare workers kept on providing healthcare services on empty stomach at great risk to our families and professional calling. Currently, there is apathy and despondence in the health work force in the state. The vacuum created will ultimately be filled by medical quacks to the detriment of our people and no level of policing can stop it ’’ he said.

The education sector has been reduced to nothing in Kogi state by the Bello-led state government. Academic institutions in the state, from primary to tertiary, has had to endure unprecedented industrial actions in the last three and half years.

Once the pride of the confluence state, Kogi State University Anyigba is shadow of itself today. Kogi state university enjoyed an enviable position as number one among State universities and number seven overall during the 2011 institutional accreditation  by the National Universities Commission.

Yahaya has reversed all positive progress made in the institution. In 2017, Governor Bello sacked 135 lecturers of institution for joining ASUU strike and replaced them with NYSC corp members. The serving lecturers are equally facing hardship, like other civil servants in the state, due to upaid salaries.

As we speak, lecturers in the state university have already diversified into other businesses and other petty hustles to make ends meet. Nothing is happening in the school as nobody cares anymore. Lecturers report to classes at will. Nobody is supervising anybody. There is total breakdown of normal lectures, supervision and other academic activities.

For how long are we going to keep up with this mal-administration. We call on all genuine lovers of Kogi state to stand up and demand for change as we march towards November 16 governorship election.

We cannot afford to make costly mistake in the choice of who our next governor should be. The next governor must be credible, intelligent, mature, God-fearing and proven military background.


Comrade Hassan Isiaka
For: Salvage Movement for a Better Kogi State.

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