President Buhari Should Order the Release of All Arrested #RevolutionNow Protesters – Comrade Emeka Ogbonna

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A leading Nigerian human rights, leader of Pro-democracy & Socio-political group, Agenda for New Nigeria (ANN), Comrade Emeka Chibuzo Ogbonna, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately order the release of those arrested during the nationwide #RevolutionNow protest, held on August 05, 2019, including the convener, Omoyele Sowore.

The activist made this call in a press conference he convened yesterday, after his discharge from the hospital, where he underwent treatment for injuries sustained from government security agents, during the #RevolutionNow protest held on August 05, 2019.

According to Comrade Emeka Ogbonna, “earlier this morning, I was discharged from Lagos State General Hospital for treatment to injuries inflicted on me by government security agents during the #RevolutionNow protest held two days ago. The world witnessed how peaceful protesters were manhandled, beaten and arrested by government security agents. I was manhandled and physically assaulted by government security agents, and subsequently rushed to the hospital where I was treated for injuries sustained on my chest, neck and other body parts.

“President Buhari is making a grave mistake arresting Omoyele Sowore, and other protesters who participated in the #RevolutionNow protest, thereby, suppressing freedom of speech and association.

“Let me remind President Buhari that the protest was about positive changes for the millions of Nigerians suffering under his administration. It is very unfortunate that despite Nigeria being the largest oil producer in Africa, Nigeria has been declared the poverty capital of the world, with over 86 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty. This is clearly unacceptable. Nigeria belongs to all of us. It was a peaceful protest to remind President Buhari that Nigerians are suffering, there are no jobs for our graduates, there is high level of insecurity in the land, high level of kidnapping and killings, workers are not being paid salaries. These are not what Nigerians bargained for when they voted President Buhari into power in 2015. We were merely exercising our freedom of speech and association as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution, by reminding the government that they need to do the right things for Nigerians. We have not run afoul of the Nigerian constitution.”

He continued, “let me remind President Buhari that we are not under a Military regime. We will not be deterred, we will not keep quiet while millions of Nigerians are suffering, we will not shut our mouths, but will continue with the protests and demonstrations until President Buhari decides to act to ease the pains and sufferings of Nigerians.

“I am using this medium to call on President Buhari to do the needful and release all those arrested during the #RevolutionNow protest, including the convener, Omoyele Sowore,” he concluded.

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