Powershift and APC Kogi Primary by Bala Nayashi

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The just concluded Kogi State APC primary which produced the party’s standard bearer for the forthcoming governorship election has been described as a great betrayal by those clamouring for power shift in the state. The situation was not helped by the contestants from Kogi West and central parts of the state that refused to put interest of the two senatorial districts above personal interest in their quest to win the primary.

The decision by the Kogi elders, under the auspices of Kogi Central and West Forum for Equity and Justice to harmonise and conduct an in-house screening to produce an acceptable candidate to face any aspirant from the eastern part thus ensuring the power shift is laudable.

It is clear from the primary that to achieve this power shift with the present crop of politicians would be a mirage for some time to come. The people of the west and central districts are disappointed in those politicians who sold their conscience for personal gains to truncate the power shift arrangement. The selfish interest of some politicians from the central district has sent wrong signals that they are antagonistic of the clamour for power to shift to other senatorial districts.

Kogi East has now been vindicated that it would take a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Kogi West and Central to come together to achieve their goal of seeing power shift to either of the two districts of the state. The denial of these two senatorial districts the opportunity to occupy the number one position has raised the tempo of political activities.

We hope politicians from the two senatorial districts would avail themselves any other chance of partnering with all stakeholders to ensure power shift is achieved in no distant future considering that the area has not seen any development for the past 24 years.

• Bala Nayashi, Lokoja, Kogi State.

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