Political Assertion: What Wada Can Do, Bello Can Do it Better

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One of the reasons for election of candidates base on tenure system is to ensure that there is continual improvement in all aspect of the society as the successor is expected to take the baton of leadership and quality development from the predecessor; with the believe that the later will does better than the former. This has been the ideology enshrined in democracy which has given room for party representatives and has over the years been adopted and practiced in almost every part of the world.

In all the states in Nigeria, the case is not different as the people of Kogi state since inception are always allowed to make decisions in a poll irrespective of their political parties, just to ensure that the people of themselves and by themselves elect their leaders for themselves all for the sake of express continuity of societal socio-economic and political development.

However, the dividends of democracy has not been fully enjoyed in Kogi state as no administration has ever wanted to continue from where the former stopped; this “civilized” idea has poses a lot of challenges to different societal projects and has rendered many prospective societal assets as paralyzed dunghills. This practice has no doubt caused deficit; wastage of the state’s resources, poor standard of living, plenty unfinished projects, and these has all led to the state’s socio-economic and political regression.

This workaholic but unproductive political scenario all in the name of which party takes the glory when one administration commissions the inception of a societal project and being finished by another, has made the society to be stationary and this can be liken to a drunkard who takes one step forward, two steps backward; wasting the whole time still on the same spot.

Political and party differences have made promising societal projects to die down and this has really affected the development of the society. Some political leaders have forgotten that a party may fizzle away with time, but the society remains; this is why we all have to jettison the malady of party differences and develop our society by completing the unfinished projects commissioned by the formal administrations before proceeding to start the inception of another project.

Commissioning the inception of a project is politics, dedicating the completion of the project for effective usage is democracy; Alh. Idris Wada, the former governor of Kogi state during his four years in office commissioned the inception of several projects which includes a 60 by 60km square cottage hospital in Ikuehi, Ihima, Okehi LG but couldn’t complete it perhaps because of time limit but this project which is being situated in Ebiraland shouldn’t become a dunghill when the incumbent governor of the state is a born-birthed proudly Ebira man.

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello whose activities has portrayed that he is a true democrat that’s appointed by God but elected by the people must at this time demonstrate his democratic and undiscriminating patriotic abilities by ensuring that this uncompleted 60 by 60km square cottage hospital project in Ikuehi, Okehi LG is completed for effective usage, as this will no doubt contributes to the people’s socio-economic and medical standard of living.

If this administration must prove itself responsible among other previous administrations, the “Let’s Do More” manifesto must be exhibited now that victory has been justly won in court.

If Alh. Idris Wada can use four years to commission several projects even in the hometown of the incumbent governor, then His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello should be able to use eight years to complete some of those projects, especially the ones in his hometown as this will justify the assertion that “what Wada can do, Bello can really do it better.”

Interestingly, the uncompleted cottage hospital whose inception was honoured by some dignitaries and community leaders has several medical apartments each with its convenience, complemented with a mortuary, a pipe-hole water, an accessible road that’s less than 2 minutes drive from the main road and a secured environment that is perfectly suitable and conducive for any form of medical centre and also safe for patient’s health.

Profitably, the transformation or completion of this uncompleted medical asset will not only improve the people’s medical, socio-economic standard of living but will also serve as a fulfillment of this administration’s manifesto of “Let’s Do More” of what has been done before. And also, prevent the uncompleted medical asset from being abused daily by some gentlemen whose unhealthy activities made people to nickname the hospital as “Wada Joint.”

More so, as a proof of an undiscriminating leader who is always ready to unite the people of Kogi state under an umbrella of peace, progress and equal distribution of the state’s resources, it becomes important for His Excellency to consider the completion of this uncompleted cottage hospital in Ikuehi community viable as an avenue to bring the people of Okehi LG closer and boost their believability and support for the vision of this present administration.

In addition, the feasibility of turning this uncompleted cottage hospital into a medical asset will not only bring about unity in diversity but will also serve as a platform for the creation of job opportunities for the people of Kogi state and also improve the state’s medical facilities which will in-turn benefit everyone and the nation at large.

– Ozovehe Moses writes from Okene, Kogi state.

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