Yahaya Bello: An Accidental Governor With Penchant for ‘Free Kicks’

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The incessant despotic acts of the incumbent as we prepare for the November 16 gubernatorial elections in Kogi state indicates nothing but a lack of character and gentility. From his days as a replacement for late Prince Abubakar Audu, [APC’s standard-bearer and winner of the 2015 Kogi’s gubernatorial election], where he inherited the deceased’s votes and mandate; to the premeditated disqualification of major aspirants of APC’s governorship ticket in 2019. All is to have him run another perilous term of 4 years devoid of any major opponent cum contender.

A man with a chronic history of pusillanimity, after grabbing his party’s ticket, he speedily moved his machinations to the major political parties to divide them or influence their possible non-inclusion on the ballot papers just to have an unimpeded ride to a second term of office. While he failed to have a weakling emerge as a candidate from the PDP’s primary election, SDP was caught in his gimmick and are still battling to set the record straight with INEC. 

The next plot is to distort Engr. Musa Wada’s chance in the election by infiltrating the party and lobbying some agents of destabilization to do the dirty job. He is currently working with disgruntled aspirants on the platform of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to challenge the results of the most credible primary election in the history of Kogi politics. The Peoples’ Democratic Party is aware of his dealings with the judiciary to give him a soft landing.

It is an acknowledged dictum that Gov. Yayaha Bello is a lover of ‘Free Kicks’, this is the first time he will be on the ballot for a proper election – aside the auxiliary elections which ushered his divine emergence as governor of Kogi state, as against the rightful owner – Late Prince Abubakar Audu. He enjoys freebies at the expense of the majority but this time, it’s GAME OVER.

No wonder his second term running mate kept making this mischievous statement “…that is, if the PDP will have a candidate in this election.”
APC’s treaty with the judiciary and INEC is all they can boast of. The use of ruffians and state sponsored agents to intimidate the people of the state is all they can offer . Our judiciary should not be seen to applaud the unproductive and inhumane government of Gov. Bello. They should remember that, they were once relegated and abandoned for 8 months by this set of rulers with no human sympathy. 

If truly he is popular and can trust the confidence of the people to deliver the needed votes without threats, why did he misappropriate the Paris Club Fund? What happened to our Bailout Fund? Where is our IGR and monthly allocation? Why is he scared of contesting this election with anyone prominent? Why is he going round threatening voters? Why is he buying voters’ card in the name of empowerment?

They know little of what awaits them on November 16 – it’s payback time. Kogites with franchise to vote will send these clowns back to the dustbin of history, as the most inhumane government of the century. It won’t be business as usual where votes are manufactured in-between the transmission of results from voting centers to various collation centers, as the people of Kogi State are united for a new lease of life to be anchored by Engr. Musa Wada and his able deputy, Mr. Sam Aro.

PDP as a party is ready to liberate our people from the hands of terrorists tormenting our common goal. Any plot against the people’s will and choice will be resisted with everything within the ambits of the law. The power to vote and vote out any candidate or party resides in the thumbs of over 500,000 Kogites and must be exercised without any form of intimidation. 

We call on our supporters and lovers to resist criminals, violence and any act that will bring more suffering to the people of Kogi state. The Peoples’ Democratic Party – PDP is set to reposition Kogi for a better spot in the comity of states in Nigeria. 

– Johnson Musa
For: Public Communications Committee, Wada/Aro Campaign

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