Planned Sale of Ajaokuta Steel Coy to Fund 2018 Budget, Natasha Akpoti Writes CBN Gov.

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RE: Sale of Ajaokuta Steel Company to Fund 2018 Budget
Dear Mr. Godwin Emefiele, CBN Governor,
I will make this very brief to you.
I read on the news today about your ill-advised plan to sell Ajaokuta Steel Company to fund the 2018 budget and I laughed hard. Do you know why? Here in whispers :
I know of the role you played alongside Oscar Onyema, the CEO Nigeria Stock Exchange, Jim Ovia of Zenith bank etc in the 2016 purported sale of Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) which was stopped by a movement of patriotic Nigerians.
The buyer was known all along and in this case, it’s the buyer who funds your speeches.
Just in case you aren’t aware, the National Assembly in March this year put a stop on the sale of Ajaokuta Steel.
Moreover, is this not the same Ajaokuta Steel your dear friend Kayode Fayemi claimed is working through his fake sponsored news via Bloomberg and Al Jazeera he made just to deceive Nigerians so he can win his gubernatorial elections??? Nonsense.
Anyway, I will address President Buhari on this in my open letter.
Mr. CBN Governor, Ajaokuta is NOT for sale!!!
Ajaokuta will not be used to fund 2019 elections.
The federal government will only do so at its own peril. This is no threat but a warning from a patriotic Nigerian on behalf of millions.
– Natasha Hadiza Akpoti
Senatorial Candidate, Kogi Central District under SDP.

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