Hon. Alfred Bello Esq: A Politician of Rare Vision

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Leadership is all about influence, nothing more, nothing less. ~ John Maxwell.
The vision is clear,
The mission is familiar,
No swinging of thoughts,
Tested, truthful and trusted worth.
Distinguished electorates and lovers of democracy, I present to you a worthy choice of leadership we can trust.
Hon. Alfred Bello is a purposeful leader armed with premium values and unequalled principled excellence.
Hon Alfred Bello is aspiring as member for the Kogi State House of Assembly representing Kabba/Bunu constituency under the Platform of the prestigious People’s Democratic Party(PDP). Owing to his vast legislative experience, He has thoroughly diagnosed perennial issues about the legislative state of the state house of assembly.
He has listened beyond his personal findings. He has gotten the tools. He has gotten working ideas. He has been tested. He has been trusted. He has to his credit ingenious legacies as a leader.
Hon. Alfred Bello Esq; is the sent instrument of dreamed legislator we see. He represents energy of the youth, wisdom of the aged, beacon of the intellectual and centre of integrity gravity.
Hon Alfred Bello is a leader par excellence that has been described by numerous political, traditional, and religious leaders, as well as writers and general masses as a transparent, honest, hard working and performance oriented leader. At no time in the history of this state have such rare qualities of a leader so needed than today. Hon Bello more than any leader today stands to represent our voice and freedom of expression.
Barr. Alfred Bello is a pleasant man to be with. Reading through his profile brings to fore a diligent man, excellence lover, man with heart for responsibilities, maximizer of opportunities and a great humanist.
Time is the tester, goodwill is the rewarder. Vote and support Hon. Alfred Bello Esq.
– Balogun Emmanuel writes from Kabba, Kogi State.

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