Pharm Abdulkareem Asuku; A Leader, Mentor and Role Model

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Hon. Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu, Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, has in so many ways and several times proved to be an asset this government can confidently rely on.

Hon. Asuku is a great man who have been serving humanity since his appointment into Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello led government. Asuku is a part of the goodness that God gave to Ebiraland and Kogi State.

Many, whose lives he touched, will bear testimony to the humane, compassionate and God-fearing character of this legendary man, who assisted people with health challenges with as much vigour as he upheld discipline while coaching so many youths of the land to live positive lives.

Asuku’s generosity and selflessness knows no bounds, as he has offered so many downtrodden with free health services, especially the indigent and the poor masses.

Even when he (Asuku) was financially distressed, he still uses his last coins to to offset so many cases of health challenges. Asuku generosity has beaten political records of many past leaders as so many youths take him to be their leader and mentor.

Hon. Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu is passionate about development of Ebiraland and Kogi State going by his performance as Chief of Staff to the Governor.

He has rose above self to create a better society. The story of his public service career reads like a book of civic virtue and high purpose. He walked a path that we all must emulate. He love to serve.

Regretting that the patriotism that drove men like Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu to invest their lives in making Kogi State work seems almost quaint and misplaced, Today and in our present circumstance, we have a succession of myopic leaders, who have failed to make Kogi State work for all but themselves.

I wish to call on all the leaders in our state to rededicate themselves to building a new Kogi State. However, it can only happen by emulating the life of the man like Hon. Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu and the lives of others like him, who in their places of vocation, their homes and wherever they found themselves, lived according to a lofty purpose and sought a higher goal.

Let us stand for the premise that this state (Kogi) is better than its past and present; that this state finds its true self in the future that we shall begin to create.

– Comrade Danfulani Ohinoyi Lukman writes from Okene.

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