PDP The Only Party Compassionate Enough to Feel Your Pains – Makama Admonishes Electorate

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Member representing Igalamela-Odolu constituency in Kogi State House of Assembly, Elder Friday Sani Makama as admonished Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members to remain resolute in the pursuit of good governance and fair play.

Makama gave the admonition on Sunday during the PDP adhoc delegate election at the party secretariat in Ajaka.

The lawmaker was on ground as party members elect adhoc delegates for the up coming primary elections scheduled to take place before the end of this month.

“A careful look on what is literally on ground shows a man who have two wives should be able to tell about their attitudes. If you cannot tell about their behaviour within one year, will you not be able to tell about their temperament in two years?. Once you cannot ascertain their habit within two or three years of your stay with your wives, there is a name you will be called…

“At the moment, you have two wives and within three years, you have seen the difference between them.

“There is no oppression anybody can subject the people of the land to anymore. Nobody can come to lie to you again. I have not come to lie to you! I have liberated you from the hands of oppressors. I have liberated you from the hands of looters. I have liberated you from the hands of thieves. However, oppressors, looters, thieves, those who value their children more than others will not be your king again in the name of Jesus Christ. Except someone who can return to tell you how things are working out over there at the helms of affairs.

“You will recall when I contested for Kogi State House of Assembly election 2011, we were told there is no money in Kogi State House of Assembly at all. We were told that it is only Chairman of Local Government that can access federal allocation, House of Assembly members are not entitled to anything. But when they succeeded in going there, they will be buying jeep and build mansions in Lokoja. And that is the reason I was elected and mandated to go there and update you people with the truth.

“Everybody should go and ask, till today as I am talking, did Friday Sani Makama built any structure in Lokoja? Go and ask! If there is anybody who know the house I have built on Lokoja, anytime I return home you have the right to stone me. Why should I build house with public money in Lokoja?

“I told my people “ijo u Jo, u chi bo emi n” (I am only squatting here). I do not belong to the people of that land. You people sent me here on errand, I cannot because of that singular privilege settle in Lokoja, I am not a Nupe person.

“It was rumored that I have no kobo again, that all the money I have has being wasted on people. They taunted that ‘where will I source money to campaign in the next election?’. They said I am ruined. I am no longer paid salary. They said even in Abuja, I cannot fuel my car except trekking about. Between you and your God, take a look at Makama standing now before you and when I was in House of Assembly, which one is far better? (crowd roared, now is better). These are the tissues of lies the kept on spreading for some times now. You can see their fake lives even further. Some people said till end of the world, nothing will bring me home again. But here I am talking freely!,” he said.

The state lawmaker urged his supporters to remain loyal to PDP.

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