Opinion: Ofu Local Government, Death Has No Shame

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Way from political rhetoric, I have been very generous with my commendations and criticism of the present government in Kogi state. The last devastating issue in Ugwolawo, the seat of Ofu local government, where flood has taken away lives and properties without sympathy from our government is a shame.

Let me remind Governor Yahaya Bello that God will not forgive any governor or government at this present era for maltreatment of Ofu people. We have contributed immensely; we presented our son, Prince Abubakar Audu, the man who laboured to plant the tree under which shade all politicians in Kogi state are resting today. If Audu was taken away by the cold hands of death, we must not be reminded of his death always with maltreatment.

I read in the media several political jingles from all politicians, including new aspirants, but no one has seen it worthy to visit our area let alone bringing succour to our people. This is indeed a terrible time to be a Kogite.

Recently, Governor Bello boasted that President Buhari considers him a vital son to relate personal issues first before anyone. One would have thought that, that will translate to Mr President visiting his people in a time like this or send a delegation, to say the least. But how can we blame Mr President? The Governor of the state has not seen the need to visit our people, the commissioner representing us has not seen the need, the Special Adviser and other government functionaries have not seen the need, in fact, I have not seen in any news or photograph where the Chairman of the Local Government or whatever the name has changed to, whose office is in Ugwolawo the affected area, has visited his people. This is the height of gross insensitivity, insensibility and callousness.

I am aware that there is ecological fund which is meant for such emergencies. Gov Bello is always in the villa, at least he is a member of FEC. What is the gain of being a governor or being close to the president? This is a terrible shame.

The last time issues of less weights happened in Katsina, Bauchi, Taraba etc, Mr President visited them and deployed funds immediately to those communities but we all knew, the role played by the state Governors of those states. The news were everywhere in the television and print media.

We have no government, we are a people under God. We have accepted our fate and we say thank you to shameless death.

Just last week, we read a report of erosion that has divided Umomi road creating fear of danger in the minds of travelers and the residents of Umomi, all in Ofu local government. Yet, no one cares. And then another one, we have been forsaken. Most times I am forced to think of what we have done wrong, but again, I am consoled with the fact that the cry is across the state, it’s limitless.

In a state where payment of salaries is news, where people are dying of hunger and their governor is living a flamboyant life. That is terrible. God almighty will never forsake his people, he is our last hope now.

Let me use this opportunity to, once again, console the people of my local government that Ofu remain a viral point in the history of our state, our son is the best even at death. This is a history that can never be washed away.

Let me use this medium to call on our sleeping Governor, Senator, House of Representatives member, commissioner and other appointees from our area, that the local government they knew is no longer the same. Let them, please, come to our aid. We want this report on NTA, Channels, TVC, AIT etc. In the next FEC meeting, we expect a high powered national delegation to visit the affected areas, we expect serious measures to be taken to save the lives and properties of our people. It is only when this is done that our hope of being Nigerians and Kogi indigenes will be reawaken.

– Salihu Adam Jiddah

Founder, Kogi Liberation Movement

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