PDP Screening: Engr. John Ibrahim Urges Supporters to Remain Calm

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By Abdullahi Suleiman Otiwe.
Ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party senatorial primary election coming up 1st October next month so many conspiracies have been introduced by some infectious elements to distract the public in various shapes.
The Kogi east senatorial aspirant, Engr. John Ibrahim has called upon his teeming supporters to remain calm and steadfast in their valuable supports for his aspiration to salvage the good people of kogi east who have remained adamant despite their experiences of misrepresentations over the years.
While the National Publicity Secretary of the  party has appealed to the good people of Kogi state and Kogi east in particular to remain steadfast and rest assured of equity and fairness in the senatorial district’s nomination process,
Engr. John Ibrahim has equally noted that his aspiration is not to obtain cheap victory at the expense of the peoples wishes, rather on the democratic tenant upon which his party was built.
He reaffirmed hope in the primary election as the only source of his strength.
It has become obvious that the supporters of some aspirants have taken the social media platforms to score cheap points. While the social media has greater role to play in advancement of democracy, John Ibrahim called upon his teeming supporters not to follow those who are abusing the  privilege.
He is confident more than ever before that the district senatorial primary election is going to hold. He therefore challenged those who thought of automatic ticket to wake up from their slumber. He equally submitted that he was cleared at the party screening exercise conducted last week while recalling the same credentials he used during the 2014 House of Representatives race under party are still those he is using in this senatorial race.
Engr. John Ibrahim is however amused at the pace at which the supporters of some aspirants are using the social media. While in the the excitement, he noted that the Peoples Democratic Party primaries just like other parties primaries  is never won on whatsapp or facebook pages. He charged his supporters to continue in their underground working for his aspiration noting that the  party’s delegates have given him their unfiltered supports in the past and are still bent on giving him this time around.

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