Owe Youths Berate Jerry Omodara’s ‘Public Dance of Shame’

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By Bidemi Ajayi.

You lack the authority to call Owe to order, defend your anti-party activities and stop inciting the people against themselves… Owe Youths to Cdr. Omodara

Says his press statement is morally abhorrent, inspiring disgust and repugnant, capable of causing Public disorder…

A youth group under the umbrella of Kabba Youths Advocacy Network (KYAN) have called on the Security Adviser to the Governor to stop inciting the people of Kabba against Bunu and the government with his “baseless, careless and manner-less press statement against the people of Oweland where he threw caution into the wind and decided to dance naked in the market square by sending note of warning to Kabba people over their alleged choice of candidate for the forthcoming state House of Assembly election where he was quoted to be sending threat message through a press statement to the people of Kabba.”

They described the action as that of a supposed elder who should know better is most reprehensible, disgusting and unbecoming of a person of Cdr. Jerry Omodara, but when one is already driven by pride, lack of understanding of democratic tenets, knowledge of fundamental rights of choice, such a person cannot but behave in such an undemocratic, unruly and uncivilized manner that Cdr. Omodara approached an issue that is needles of response, but for his usual style of playing to the gallery to impress his paymaster, he goofed and attempted to insult the sensibility of Kabba people as to how they approach their Political belief, decision and interest.

The statement said it is more surprising that Cdr. Omodara Jerry who led all the people in Bunuland to do anti-party activities against an Owe son, Prince Kolawole Mathew during the last House of Representatives election is now the one rushing to the public to demonstrate fake leadership of APC in the LGA.

The statement further said “a man who conspired with the African Democratic Congress to make his Party lose the last House of Representatives election does not have the moral standing and rights to teach Kabba people how to approach the coming Saturday election. Or how else can one describe the person who fought against Prince Kolawole Mathew openly and secretly, a man who contributed money to the opponents of Prince Kolawole while he faced several court cases after he had won the primary election is not a man to teach our people how to conduct themselves in an election.”

The press statement which was signed by Ajibade Olalekan and Ikubaiyeje Johnson further challenged Cdr. Omodara Jerry to publish the results of the February 25th Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives elections in the units in his community and it would show that he deliberately worked against the House of Representatives candidate of his party.

The group said they have evidence to show the role of Cdr Omodara in providing necessary backing that made the African Democratic Congress to win the House of Representatives election and asked him to “bury his head in shame and leave Kabba people alone.”

The group called on the Governor of Kogi State, Alh Yahaya Bello to be very careful with characters like his Security Adviser who provides cover for opposition to win against the Governor’s interest in his community despite the Governor’s warning and admonition.

They, therefore, called on Cdr. Jerry Omodara to stop disrespecting good and peace Loving people of Oweland with his divisive and very inciting note of warning to Owe people.

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