Opinion: Why Muktar Adoke Will Deliver as Member Representing Okehi-Adavi Fed. Constituency

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First and foremost, I have heard people say times without number that some leaders are born while some learn to be leaders. For me, I don’t if Hon Muktar Bello Adoke is a born leader or acquired leadership skills but I know why he will bring development to Okehi/Adavi federal constituency if nominated and elected.

For any body to succeed in any position he or she occupies, there are some basic things that he must possess to succeed that position. I call it basic because I have seen this things manifest in a man who have been voted as House of Assembly member.

You need honesty to succeed. Been open and truthful to the people who elected you and who you are leading is necessary as this will help them know the situation of things at all times and therefore support massively. When it comes to honesty, keeping a certain standard will also help the people to be honest with the leadership. Honesty has been a major attribute of Hon Muktar Bello Adoke.

A leader should be able to communicate effectively, he must be able to show and express the positive vision to others so they can see it, believe it and then follow it. Be able to communicate to the people, tell them the plan so everybody will be working towards achieving same goal. When I say communication, it also goes the other way: you must be able to listen well to your followers. This is another great attribute of Hon Muktar Bello Adoke. He listens and is able to communicate effectively when necessary.

A leader must show confidence at all times. This is a very severe part. You have to be confident in handling any challenges that comes; the young Hon Muktar Bello Adoke is one man full of confidence and is ready to use it to move Okehi/Adavi federal constituency forward.

Commitment is an attribute I so much envy in Hon Muktar Bello Adoke, this is the kind of lawmaker Okehi/Adavi federal constituency needs that will show commitment to his duties and obligations.

Creativity is another attribute. You have to be creative to be able to invent new things and ideas and also influence development to the constituency. He has shown creativity in many situations and I believe using this for our dear constituency, development is sure.

A leader must be able to take responsibility. A leader that does not want to take responsibilities has nothing to offer. Hon Muktar Bello Adoke who is already taking quiet few responsibilities through scholarship, skills acquisition, will take more responsibilities for the betterment of our great constituency.

A leader should be able to manage resources avoid wastage, use the resources for necessity. This is what Hon Muktar Bello Adoke is into as he has been able to manage business worth lot of funds successfully in the past.

It is time for us to take this bold step of development for Okehi/Adavi federal constituency. Let us support and nominate Hon Muktar Bello Adoke for House of Representatives to represent Okehi/Adavi federal constituency.

God bless you all.

– Mujahid Aliyu Abubakar Adeiza

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