Buba and The Blackmailers: As Rough Roads to 2019 Begins…

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As the icon of the political buldolzers, reformation and transformation is moving up, the earth is literary wobbly. There is silence in the mist of the hullabaloo, a war on-going unseen but felt. There is only one goal, yet so many agitators and real one contender. The voices of many lepers can be heard debating. Who takes the challenge to the contender? Can we face him? Sadly, they are just men of many words, no action, running as worms over and around the throne but can a worm contend with the contender? For the contender is anointed by God for the throne.
There is an African adage that says when the rainbow crosses over the sky, who can fold it back? The rainbow curves to express its natural radiance and fulfils the purpose for which it was designed for. Therefore, the current war of blackmail against Rt. Hon Umar Buba Jibril is a catalyst that will drive him unto his place of glory for the perceived greatness of any political leader has more to do with the challenges he faces and his ability to stand strong with a smile.
A good and competent political leader must have the wits to solve unforeseen problems and always be prepared to face the insuperable challenges ahead of them rather than flaunting his innate skills in a campaign. Everyone is born with a special set of skills and abilities but the greatness of a political leader determined by how well the political leader responses to dilemma and challenges. One can see this triat in Hon Buba Jibril that despite all the blackmailing text messages, sponsored articles and advertorials both on the print and online media by some few people. He doesn’t take legal action, or exert so much energy in refuting them, instead he makes them the source of his inner strength and fuel for great speed to his destiny. Rt Hon Buba is first and foremost, a political leader. A leader that is tactful and resourceful. His tact and wits are not skills that he is born with. His experience in corporate governance, especially experience solving challenges, becomes the most important qualification Rt Hon Buba has.
However, experience is not the only element that defines a great political leader. A great political leader does not run from disaster. In fact, a great political leader will protect his or her citizens and fight to the end if necessary. For example, President George W. Bush did not avoid the 9/11, he stayed and fought for the United States of America. This is what Hon Buba stands for. He is ready to face the enemies of progress in Lokoja Koto federal constitutuency not minding his plight but thinking more about the future of the people not self.
A good leader must put the interests of his people first. One of the main challenges that a leader faces is ensuring that he considers the people’s interests above his own when making any decision. So the groups who are fighting Hon Buba Jibril using blackmail as their weapon are time wasters , for no one can stand in the way of God when he is on a mission, no creature can tell God to stop work, when he is on a path to lift up a man. He will use the weapons of the enemies to drive his anointed to the preferred and prepared destination. They insinuate doom from others because they are sodomites, their lips run as a clandestine woman because they are jobbers, brag like brat because they are bantams, swear to pull down others because they descendants of fugitives, no wonder their trade cannot fetch them a single credibility before the people.
They are a generation of men with brain impairment. Their only plot is the lips to blackmail the moral men and can they fight this war to success? For I see the looming divergent crack in their wall of dynamism to win the battle. These listless leagues are not fast to reasoning, that uncommon goals are not achievable in lips war but by hard work. How far can they achieve it with blackmail? Let them take lessons from one honorable member in Lokoja, how he built his shrine of evil rumours and the way he ended up as a political chrysalis, then they will know whether to continue in the absurd trade. I don’t see them climbing over the low fence of nomination not to mention the high fence of general election if they don’t change their primitive-political manoeuvres, they will end in political abyss as their peers in the 2015  electioneering.
They roar like lions and maw like tigers, yet, they are home to disabilities, yes! They are cadavers of maligning and character assassination, that is why their thoughts cannot fetch them focus. They are lost in lust of hate for experience, because they want to continue to plunge our Lokoja Koto to ruins with unskilled politician as leaders. They are in darkness of ideas on how to win election, which is why they embrace the failed schemes.
 They are in abyss of conflicts among their household, which is why they cannot comprehend well. I continue to wonder why they should choose Rt Hon Umar Buba Jibril as their war ring. When they rise from bed and find not their goat and conduct a search. If it is not found, then Rt. Buba has stolen our goat! They proclaim. Another one will come back home and his wife will complain of misplaced dross , if it is not found that moment, hey! Buba again, he has taken my wife’s dross for rituals! The blackbail is as cheap as it is laughable. Can you imagine the mentality of men who want to be a REP Member in a federal constituency that has been uncommonly reformed with free access to its member without security ? I can see why Rt Hon Buba continue to profess that he will not hand-over Lokoja Koto to just anybody. These misguided timorous beings only see the blackmailing of Buba as the only ladder to the Green Chamber; forgetting that election is not won on the internet medium.
Like I have always said, brethren the crying of the frog does not stop the Chinese chef from making it into a delicious meal, neither does the fighting of a hen with a cow hamper its movement. But the hen will be tramped to mire by the large steps of the cow. It is said that the dancing of a beautiful maiden is not by over wobbling of the body but her beauty will make the steps of her dance worth watching. A man of integrity does not climb to the mountain to shout with trumpet to gain votes, but his pedigree and virtues will honour him with the needed mandate to lead.
The singers of Buba’s praises are in legions because those he has touched their lives will become the testifiers of his testimonies, he will not beg for lobbyists if he chooses to contest the forth coming elections, because his goodness in the past will present him a congregation of them, there will be no fund raising, for men he lifted up will make the funds available. The grasshoppers will always fling around the field, but never will it overtake the long mouth of the birds. It is better to get a livelihood than depending on people to build your base. It is better to row the boat to safety before bragging for having the energy that no one has , pouring a red oil on a white silk does not change its quality, a little wash will bring back the beauty.
Blackmailing a man like Buba who has created a track record of integrity, credibility, gained honour, respect and acceptance from it is like climbing a mountain on a rainy day, you will slip down to the ground and the mountain will remain where it was. Stop running your mouth, Can these people set aside blackmail and have a focus? Can they make their focus visible so that they can have a vision? Can they declare their vision so that they can have a mission? Can they embark on their mission so that they can achieve their goals? Can they make their goals their target so that they can be established? If they want to continue in this blackmail, they should know Rt Hon Buba Jibril is a man with a spelt out credibility, dragging his name to mud won’t stop him, for a little soap on him will brighten him up than ever. Take his image to the black River, that won’t crush his plethora nature but will only enlarge his coast.
It is said that when you learn how to tap palm wine, tie yourself to the rope of the experienced tapper till you reach the climax but now people want experience to be sacrificed for nepotism and inexperience. It appears to me they are timid because they have no vision, they are daft because they cannot agree on a mission, their lives are marred with caustic vices because their hearts are cloned with evil. Buba is a man who cares about his future, but leaves it in the hands of God. He believes strongly that whatever a man will become in life, it is God that crowns his efforts with success.
Rt Hon Umar Buba Jibril’s life so far is a study in miracles.

– Abbas Yahaya

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