Opinion: Why Akus Lawal is Best Choice for Ankpa 1 State Consistency

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As we approach the fast coming State Assembly election across the country, Ankpa 1 constituency poised for greater gains and consolidation if the masses troop out in masses to cast their votes for the All Progressive Congress (APC) House of Assembly candidate, Mallam Lawal Akus (MLA) come March 18th 2023. 

Legislature has nothing to do with business if you are favored to have a servant leader like Akus Lawal at the state hallow chamber because of his previous antecedent during various sojourn career appointments. 

Ankpa people has recognised Akus to be a candidate with proven personal capacity, who also has good leadership traits, and as such, is the person the Constituency needs at a point like this.

Akus has a good sense of judgement to identify people with the ability to contribute to fruitful governance and he is coming as House of Assembly member, will correct the some wrong doing in Ankpa rising from the only developmental aspect and also stand firm to seek for the common masses and also influence jobs for the youths, development for communities and also defending the interests of the state without been bias or compromise by personal interest.

I am positive that Ankpa 1 will vote Akus because of his evidence of great leadership, because his Constituency needs a man like Akus who has shown that he knows how to built people from different parts of the village.

MLA is a graduate of accounting, an MBA holder, a certified chartered accountant, a professional banker, a risk and credit analyst, an aviation expert, a business development manager, a former Technical Assistant to the MD of NAHCO, a financial and investment analyst, a well traveled homeboy from Ankpa across the globe.

He is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira – B.Sc Accounting and Masters in Business Administration from Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

He is revered humanist and a core youth emancipator who has facilitated many appointments for youth at NAHCO Aviation, Banks, NARSDA among other federal parastatal.

– Adams Mustapha Aikoye
Former SA on Media and Publicity to Ankpa Local government Chairman

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