Opinion: The Sorry State of Kogi State University

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It is so annoying and disgusting the way academic system in Kogi State University (KSU) is turning into, thereby putting the once most cherished state university in the country in a perpetual deterioration due to some elements reprobating the system day by day.

The system have become so bad that everybody is pretending as if all is well, even when most of them look confused. The most painful thing is the fact that the hope of those that graduated this year who are hoping for NYSC are at the receiving end of the strike. Their situation has become a critical issue because most of the lecturers sacked from the institution are still with some vital documents of the students such as their examination scores and project.

The academic tsunami in KSU have turned the NYSC mobilization of the fresh graduates into a mirage, where we are only hoping for a shadow NYSC mobilization. The batch B is around the corner just 3 month from now but some of the graduates are still battling with their project work while others’ supervisors are no where to be found.

What is their hope in the next NYSC mobilization?

It is also worrisome when even at this critical time, first semester result is not out yet even when there is a rumour that examinations will start soon given the fact that it is about few departments that lectures are ongoing currently.

It is time both the school management and the government put heads together so as to resolve the crises in the school and stop pretending as if all is well.

– James Gift Arome

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