Opinion: My Take on The Man Called Dr Tim Diche

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I am not a man to pour encomiums on people. But this has gotten hold of me to a point that I can’t hold my self but to speak out.

This man of giant strides called Distinguish Dr Tim Diche is a man I hold high esteem. Outside his humility and humanitarian services, is a man whose love for development stood out him out among his contemporaries in all perspectives.
Though, I have not met him in person but I cherish his stands and strong will on the path of developing his community. Instead of traveling abroad and settle with his family, the young man has decided to stay back and better the lives of the people of his constituency.
I have been following his activities with keen interest and I and my team has finally resolved to pass our votes of confidence on him. I am a man of integrity and can tell when I see one.
I pray and looking forward to see the day I will see Tim Diche, the chairman of Diche Foundation as Governor of Kogi State.
– Dr David Israel.  

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