Opinion: My Heart Bleeds for Dekina LGA

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Dekina LGA is one of the oldest Local Government Area in Kogi State and it is not an exaggeration, it is the largest Local Government in West Africa.

I became familiar with Dekina when Hon. Barr. Joshua Abdul Igonoh was the Chairman of the Local Govt. Since then Dekina LGA had several change in leadership mostly caretaker committee Chairmen.

On the 02/09/2017 was my second visit to Dekina LGA this year. While others were celebrating Sallah with lysterics and gyration, I travelled down to Dekina LGA where I visited 23 communities in Odu land, Dekina and Biraidu District in Dekina LGA.

I was so perplexed, astonished & abashed to discover that Dekina LGA was still the poorest LGA in Kogi State and the worst in terms of poverty rate and under development despite all available resources accrued to them as the largest LG and the calibre of leaders from the LGA.

From Simeon Maha to Barr. Joshua Igonoh, Hon. Muhammad Ali, Hon. Adejoh Akowe to Ndah Usman (Paddy) and the present Administrator Hon. Idris Kabiru all lack leadership quality & as such, did not do well for her People except Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo who performed exceedingly as a chairman. Rather they orchestrated hunger, poverty and suffering on their people as a result of greed, corruption, selfishness and bad leadership.

Year in year out Dekina LGA produces two members of Dekina State Constituency in KSHA. What have this members achieved or done to bring her People out of their predicament and sufferings? Has suffering and uncertainty becomes the lot of Dekina people?

Dekina LGA have produced two Deputy Speaker of KSHA, Hon. Emmanuel Oma-ebije and the current Deputy Speaker Hon. Hassan Baiwa Abdullahi. How many motions were moved? How many bills sponsored? What development have they attracted to Dekina LGA? What and how many constituency project have they executed or commissioned in their communities and constituencies? What are their track records and antecedents? I mean all former members from Dekina LGA.

Since 4th Republic Dekina LGA produced all Members House of Representative to represent Dekina/Bassa Constituency.

– Positive Ihiabe ( Olowa)

– Tom Zekeri ( Iyale)

– Ben Ikani Okolo ( Anyegba)

These Honourable or Dishonourable Members refused to do enough to turn the fortunes of their people, rather went to Abuja to represent their pockets instead of the people.

None of them could do enough either through bills or motions to attract FG presence/project to their LGA. Their constituency projects are not feasible.

Out of 20 years of this present dispensation, Dekina LG spent 12 years of misrule and mal -administration. They want to the Senate to clap their hands without any meaninful contribution to National development.

– Dr. Alex Usman Kadiri (Odu Ogboyaga) 4 years in the Senate.

– Sen Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane (Egume) 8 years in the Senate.

Dr Alex Kadiri was the Chairman Senate Committee on Education, no good or better school in Odu and Dekina LGA.
Yahaya Ugbane was Chairman Senate Committee on Power, no rural electrification in rural areas/
community in Dekina LGA. No light in Dekina & environs. What of the National grid?

Arch. Gabriel Y Aduku (Amana Ogohi Anyegba) was Minister of State for Health. Apart from Diagnostic and Reference Hospital built by Prince Abubakar Audu and Grimard Hospital (Private), No good Hospital or Primary Health Care Centre in Dekina LGA. No job opportunity for the youths during his stinct at the Health Ministry.

This same opportunity was given to Dr. Hassan Lawal from Keffi in Nasarawa State in acting capacity and he turned the fortunes of Federal Medical Centre Keffi to World Standard and also gave a face lift to some General Hospitals and health centres in the State.

Dr Idris Omede, Former Commisioner for Health Kogi State. How many Primary Health Care or Dispensaries are in Dekina LGA? What is the total number of workforce in those Health Centres? What kind of drugs and equipment can be found at those Health centres?

The all powerful Chief od Staff to Gov. Wada, Pharm. Nasiru. What are his records and achievements while in office? What did he do for Dekina? How many Youths, Women did he empower from Dekina? How many youth did he employ from Dekina?

Hon. Idris Kabiru.
Hon. Paul Enema.
Hon. Ahmed Attah.
Hon. Onogwu Galaticus.
Hon. Usman Ochidi.
Hon. Joshua Omonu.

What have they done so far for the betterment of the good people of Dekina LGA in the last one year?

His Excellency Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada was the 3rd executive governor of Kogi State from Jan.,2012 to Jan., 2016. He is from Odu in Dekina LGA. Wada left Dekina worst than he met it.

His father, PA Wada Ejiga in conjunction with Dr. Adah were the arrow head that thwarted the effort of agitation for Okura state in Makurdi during the NACSM Meeting. He is from Dekina LGA.

– Go to Aliero LGA of Kebbi State, the home town of Sen. Adamu Aliero.

– Go to Dakingari LGA of Kebbi State, the home town of Saidu Usman Nasamu Dakin gari.

– Go to Bakura LGA of Zamfara State, the home town of Ahmed Sani Yerima.

– Go To Shema in Katsina State, the home town of Ibrahim Shema. To mention but few.

All these people are past governors of their respective states.

Our major problem is not Party but ignorance of our youths & bad leadership. I have travelled all Northern States.

They have good roads, good hospitals, good schools, Markets, Waters, Electricity etc all provides by their leaders and government. What makes ours different….? Is it not the same positions occupied by theirs leaders we too occupied in KOGI STATE? Is the FAAC allocation to those States not coming to Kogi State? Why is our case different?

2015 we clamoured for change of baton, change in leadership and demanded for good governance. We ask all and sundry to Support Prince Abubakar Audu but DEKINA people shouted DEKINA AGENDA while others Said WADA WIN (WW).

My question is where are those clamouring for DEKINA AGENDA? Do u have leaders? Leaders for the few or leaders for all?

Among leaders and Youths of Dekina LGA, WHO IS DECEIVING WHO?

YOUTHS the time to act and react is now. Your DESTINY is in your hands. Let’s shown regional politics, Party politics, Religious politics, Local Government politics. Agenda politics. Let’s say no to them. Lets say no to bad governance and Mal- Administration. Be wise & shine your eyes. It’s about me and u. Lets Unite with ONE VOICE.

Oh Dekina Youths and Igala Youth Congress, The time is now. Come let us reason TOGETHER.

God Bless IYC.

God bless Ane Igala.

God bless Kogi State

 Comrade Samuel AY Ameh wrote from Olamaboro L.G.A of Kogi state

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