Opinion: My Folusho Daniel Story

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Those of us who believe and cherish him call him MFD, an acronym for Michael Folusho Daniel.
His connection to the grassroots and the poorest of the poor is seamless. He was eager to build and develop communities, an example of a selfless political representative.
I met him when we started his House of Assembly project. We keyed strongly together. He was denied the PDP ticket but he moved to ANPP. His movement to ANPP brought us together.
He won squarely because he was loved by the people. He also enjoyed the support of grassroots political leaders.
His tenure heralded a new vista in representative politics as he embarked on projects spree. He set a standard that would be difficult to beat.
I don’t know if he will want me to say this: His immediate family suffered because he was selflessly serving the people. Let me expose one secret here: He sold a property to be able to give electricity to the people of Oroke Amuro!
I was shocked! But through him, both Oroke and Otafun had electricity. He built youth centres, renovated and equipped health centers across the Local Government, built and donated lock-up shoes to communities, embarked on and delivered various water projects to communities, established Computer Training Centers where students were trained free of charge, paid millions as school fees for indigent students, I can go on and on.
I remembered how the Computer Training Centers changed the awareness of students. Our students excelled in CBT in JAMB. They were trained for free, given instructional materials for free, everything was free there.
Leadership is about impact. He made us proud in Lokoja. As his Personal Assistant, he sent me to the North to study their Vigilante Laws. He sponsored the Vigilante Bill that gave birth to both the Vigilante Corps and the Kogi State Security Trust Fund.
Amuro is proud of you. Mopamuro is proud of you. Kogi is proud of you sir.
You touched lives. You changed lives. You changed the history of communities. You have jobs to the hopeless and that is why your followership is cult-like.
I love you sir. Happy birthday to the Commodore of Hearts. God Almighty will make you mark many more decades in good health and prosperity. Those of us you built will continue to do you proud.
Happy birthday to a father and a mentor. God bless MFD.
– Fanwo Kingsley 
DG Media and Publicity to Kogi State Governor

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