Opinion: Lokoja LGA And The Pronounced Capabilities of Shiru Lawal

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Hon. Shiru Lawal is one administrator or caretaker chairman in Lokoja local government who was widely perceived to have been wry about, as many thought there is not so much to expected in him making differences in the local government that more than “he cannot do anything greater than failure”
As simple, brief and short his statements is now becoming a mighty weapon in the hands of a valiant warrior. Yes simple it is but still turning the local government upside down with meaningful developments.
To be honest, coming on board both the highly and lowly in our societies concluded by saying
“kayya wannan zai Iya rike Lokoja Kuwa? “. An che mishi ward councilor ne?
Those are the sarcastic words in the lips of many people. Probably is because of his high sense of humility, easy to be accessible and a man also endowed with high sense humour.
“A prophet they say is not honour in his home town but is always the prophet working for his people” Shiru has been busy busy constructing motorized boreholes, organizing an extramoral lesson, rebuilding, rehabilatiting and renovating destroyed and dilapidated schools and local government own structures, is working on education and the primary health care centre’s. With time he will be working round for the benefit of all people.
The sophistry statements of Lokoja people of doubting the abilities and wills of the performing administrator is bracing up the minds of the people especially the role he played throughout the demise of Hon Buba Jibril that there is more to this man which the people in the local government is yet to harness,his natural leadership gifts deposited in the inside of him that is untapped is much more than the one seen.
It takes only good leadership to manage a local government like Lokoja which is known to be of multi dialectal in nature, one of the local government that is full of high intellectuals people in the entire Kogi state and  that is characterized with a lots of political crisis. Yet the New Direction administrator is working to change the local government for better.
I am convinced Hon Shiru Lawal is the long expected coming Messiah in the political history of Lokoja local government who will greatly do what other think is the impossible, is just a matter of time I am convinced Shiru is taken the local government some where extra ordinary. Having the nature of a good leader, he keeps to his vision and dream as even repugnant attacks by people other sees as enemies of the local government could not shake him a bit to stop doing what is good for the local government.
His zest abilities to transform the local government is now visible to even toddlers in the streets that yes the Messiah is here, is here to do the unimaginable, in a fast move, is here to transform the Lokoja | and || state constituency, moving in bringing giant developmental strides.
Indeed I see a leader with the heart of a lion,a heart of “I can’t do all things through God who will give me the strength to do that”, wearing the spirit of a gentle dove flying the local government to a zenith point of celebration.
The zealot nature of this great man to cause infrastructural developments of great magnitude within a short period of time is indeed plausible. Placing a local government of priority in education, promising in making sure that all other sectors are positively change with people oriented policies.
His recorded feat of achievements is no doubt turning him a man with an uncompromising and fanatical in pursuit of his ideals.
Like a combatant soldier in a battle field who is wrest to go to the enemies camp in order to bring back what the enemy of the local government had taken away.
Shiru is certainly ready to work for Lokoja people despite the meager resources at his disposal and the harsh effects of the dwindling economic.
As I often hear him say in many occasions that Lokoja local government must be developed no matter the shackles of backwardness, this no doubt making him a giant leader whose zeal to work for Lokoja people is uncompromisingly to achieve the said purpose.
“Pray for me, let’s join hands together for the sake of Lokoja local government, is never going to be a business as usual, you have pray and supported my appointment for me to work for you that I must do to fulfill my promises.” Those are always Shiru’s words to the local government area.
– Mubaraq Yasmin

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