Opinion: Kogi Central Senate Race and The Sacrifice of a Destined One

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Early on Friday, 7th of September, 2018, a major contender of the Kogi Central Senate 2019, under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Khalifa Okene, called on the attention of G20 Khalifa Engine Network (G-KEN) being his political formidable team to officially divulge to us his resolve to withdraw from the race.
Khalifa Okene who disclosed this the second day the nomination and expression of interest forms were declared opened, explained that his decision was out of respect for Governor Yahaya Bello and the Party Leadership in the state.
G-KEN on the other hands finds this disconcerted to blend with considering her efforts for the candidature of Khalifa Okene. They queried Distinguished Khalifa on what comes of their efforts perambulating the 57 wards in Kogi Central, mobilizing and ensuring that his manifestos with people-centered contents are achieved comes 2019.
Unquestionably, Khalifa has sincerely shown to the people the difference between realists and propagandists noting on his Humanitarianism cum intellectualism which have frankly made people see a destined personality capable of changing the political landscape of Kogi Central and Nigeria as a whole.
However, Distinguished Khalifa noted that the decision became necessary “to avoid any rancor in our great party.
“It’s a communal acquaintance that I’m vying for the position of Senate at the Kogi Central Senatorial tussle 2019 and it’s another fact that touching the lives of the common people are basic reasons as earlier stated in my manifestos, nevertheless, after extensive discussions and consultations, across the various levels in the party and among my family, friends and associates, I hereby issue the following statement:
“Out of respect for Governor Yahaya Bello and other vanguard leaders of the party as well as the need to maintain peace and tranquility in Kogi Central, I have decided to withdraw from the race.”
We, at the GKEN, on behalf of our principal, Distinguished Khalifa thank all those who have expressed support for our candidature but who may feel disappointed by this development. We also crave the understanding of everyone to always walk with us now and in the nearest future.
Hitherto, we stand with our principal, Distinguished Khalifa Okene, His Excellency, Yahaya Bello, APC leadership and her success.
Prince Suleiman Adinoyi,
For: G-KEN

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