Opinion: Give More Powers to Regulatory Agencies Over MDAs and Parastatals

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Politics, security and economics of a country are interdependent and are factors that determine the stability of a country.
Any distort in the state of equilibrium in any of these factors will cause a ripple effect on the others and the entire stability of a nation.
To create, manage and sustain change and change processes requires a high level of leadership, change and management skills.
And until we have such people in the position of authorities we might maintain the current status-quo.
Deploying police etc to crisis ridden areas is like treating the symptoms and leaving out the causes of the insecurity.
Just last week, POTUS decided to create SPACE FORCE, this is a new normal and a response to growth, advancement and development in the space.
This is doing the right thing or responding to change appropriately at the right time but in Nigeria we kept on forming temporary committees without results, we have representatives who can not sit side by side with their foreign colleagues to debate on issues or confront them on issues affecting Africa at large let alone Nigeria.
Cultural change, Globalization, information technology, robotic science, competition, trade and international and geographic politics are disrupting the world economic, political and security systems therefore we need creative minds, educated ,experienced, civilized, entrepreneurs as new leaders  so that they can be able to tackle the changes in all spaces.
Few of the factors the National Assembly need to consider immediately are the exchange rate, population, consumer protection, price control these can help to reduce tension in a country with one of the lowest purchasing power parity in the world.
How does the life of a hopeless hungry man matters to him?
I appreciate and respect the war against corruption but it’s ineffective because it’s more of recovery of funds, it’s NEVER curative, preventive nor corrective.
There are areas we need to wage wars e.g the banks, policies we need to adopt and actions we need to take to be able to walk to freedom and until then we may be running in a circle.
Therefore, I hereby call on the government to create appropriate  and equitable contingent reward and punishment system or review the existing ones
Replicate the Pendleton act of the united state of America in Nigeria
Adopt and pass the information technology bills immediately and move to completely digitize the work space, off course this can help in curbing the menace of budget padding and corruption
Pass laws to Criminalize “Influences peddling” and political thuggery , let the people on the supply and demand side face equal punishment.
Give more powers to regulatory agencies/authorities over MDA and parastatals
In the days past people crave to work in big companies in their futures so that they can live the kind of life they wished for and  as such they decided to acquire education or appropriate skills set as means to achieve that end but nowadays politics and corruption has become an institution and a means to getting wealthy, National Assembly trying to assume executive duties and jettison their core responsibilities just to meet their gullible needs
The government also needs to crack down on the banks , the financial institutions is Nigeria’s worst enemy and the means to our destruction.
We need intelligent policies, creative and educated minds.
I also appreciate not too young to run bills but that’s not what we need now , we need the government to scrap the monetary barriers impose on citizens by the political parties, this is one of what is preventing good men from running for offices, in a country where the minimum wage is 18,000 naira where do you expect the people to get finances to pay for party nomination forms etc
We should stop deceiving each other and do the right thing
My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters in Jos, Plateau, Benue, Taraba etc
We shall overcome someday, keep the hope alive.
Long live Federal republic Nigeria
– Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino
Senate aspirant Kogi central

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