Opinion: Decampees, Welcome to The Winning Party, Kogi PDP

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Success is gotten by thorough fortitude to embark on an unpredictable journey with the WILL and PRINCIPLES to succeed.
A dream does not become reality through magic; it is through sweat, determination and hard work.
We went through crisis and misfortunes yet undeterred… Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.
PDP’s stance/success is not a happenstance – appreciation and ‘thank you’ to all our faithful members, elders and executives who stood their ground to secure the structure of this great party in Dekina/Bassa.
Recently and in days to come, our great party has/will witnessed the influx of lost members – those who were hitherto carried away by the pseudo demonstration of ‘tenets of democracy’ by some emergency and unprepared power ‘grabbers’.
In the spirit of Unity, I welcome back to our political party – Hon. Benjamin Ikani Okolo (Member, House of Representatives – Dekina/Bassa federal Constituency). I am happy you are back to your former political family and just as the biblical ‘prodigal’ son, we are happy to have you back after some years of political sojourn with APC.
With the defection of a sitting HORs member in Kogi state and our constituency in particular, barely few months to election shows how much is left with the ruling party.
Dekina/Bassa is about to witness real governance and true representation, what you have seen with APC in the last few years is nothing compared to what is coming your way under PDP.
It’s obvious with these defections and many more to follow, PDP is back to its winning ways.
– Johnson Musa
PDP Stalwart and House of Representatives Aspirant (Dekina-Bassa)

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