Kogi West 2019: The Need For a Round Table Parley for Yagba Senatorial Aspirants to Discuss

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I am moved by the words of wisdom of some individuals and the encouragement of elders in my political quest but wish to reiterate that the need for Yagba to produce the next Senator to represent.

Kogi West District is very important and greater than individual aspirations.
No matter how hard we all try, only one person will occupy the Senatorial seat. The more the contenders from Yagba, the slimmer the  chances of us making it.
It is important that we build a good synergy; in a joint effort to achieve this.

The need to begin to discuss on  individual party basis, is Now. All parties having serious Aspirants from Yagba should commence discussion on how to reduce the numbers to ONE Major Representative at the General Primaries that will cut across the entire Kogi Western senatorial district.
It is logical to deduce that if we don’t put our houses in order we may lose the senatorial tickets to the other Federal Constituency which will be a sad encore of the past.

On this note, I as an Aspirant from Mopamuro APC,  have decided to break the Glass Ceiling by making myself available for discussion and also ready to power a Round Table Parley in the APC in Yagba Federal Constituency to achieve this.
I therefore call on other interested aspirants to see this  as a clarion call and key into this effort.

May The Good Lord Help Us All. Amen

I Remain Yours Truly,

– Omo’babirin ‘Layemi Joledo-Ayomah

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