Opinion: Kogi East Youth Summit and The Pettiness of Kogi State Government

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I picked my pen again to right about Kogi State government not for the good they’ve done but for their continuous wrong approach in addressing programs that has no anointing of the government.

We’ve had in the past where government thugs invaded a project site in Bassa to beat up workers at site because the project, a renovation of Bassa police station by Hon Tim Diche does not have the anointing of the state government

We’ve also have in the past where government thugs invaded a project site in Emewe Abocho to beat workers at the site because the project, electrification of Emewe village by Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo does not have the anointing of the state government.

We’ve have in the past where meetings not having the approval of the state government have been disrupted for no just cause. But for the government of Yahaya Bello to feel that whatever must be done in kogi state must serve their interest is what I can not begin to phantom at the moment. What are they taking government for? A slave master? If that’s what they are taking it for, the citizens of kogi will resist that thoughts and place the government in her rightful place.

Since the inception of this government, the state has never been in the news for a good reason.  The first time we appeared on the news for the right reason is on the 26th of August 2017 during the Summit of the Eastern part of the State. Where Youths not minding party affiliation came together to discuss their collective existence as a people and need to be proactive in demanding for good governance.

The government, instead of sending delegation to the event was making moves for the Summit not to hold. Before the day of the Summit,  the body language of the government says the Summit will not hold but after trying all she could to stop it from holding and failed they hard to officially make a statement through the commissioner for Youth and Sports that since the Summit is not for the interest of the New Direction Government they are disassociating Kogi youths from participating in it.

My worries is not even the statement from the commissioner,  it is the attitude of the Media aids of the government even after the Summit trying their possible best to ridicule the Summit.

Their fears before the Summit was because they thought the coming together will be to discuss Gov Yahaya Bello and his maladministration which is understandable.

The Summit Has come and gone,  it was not about Bello,  those invited to speak at the event are not even politician, they didn’t discuss Bello as a person,  Economy was discussed,  politics was discussed in the general form,  entrepreneurship was discussed and the need for a united Kogi East was discussed. Because we believe we are better off united than divided since unity breed development.

The attitude of this government is becoming too petty for my liking.  Why do you dissipate so much energy to ridicule a Summit that registered unprecedented fit?

Why not face Face the Economy?

Why not Face salaries and pay salaries?

Why not face infrastructure and continue with the projects you flagged up and have abandoned?

Why not face Education? the education you’ve crippled

Why not face health? the health sector you’ve crippled

Why not ask and call for a united front for us all to move the state forward?

Why seeing some who have descenting views as enemies of the state?

Why not face governance?

Why do you see every gathering that does not have your anointing as against you? Why do you think we do not have the freedom to hold meetings lawfully as stipulated by the constitution of Nigeria?

Why are you being petty?

The program was not about Bello we told them they didn’t believe.  I have to burn resources to stream the program live on my Facebook page. The videos are still on my wall. Some of them followed it live including the government sponsored pseudo account,  Tosin Jide. Even at that they are still trying to change the narrative.

But one thing is sure,  you can not change what you can not change. The program is come and gone,  it was a huge success, well attended by well meaning kogites from across party line. At the event nobody was thinking party,  there was only one thought and kogi it was.

Stop being petty and face the business of governance. We will support you when you start doing the right thing.

– Comrade Maji Isah

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