Opinion: Can Kogi Central People Get It Right Again?

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By Shaibu Stephen Ojate.

Kogi Central is a senatorial district in Kogi State predominates by Ebira Speaking community. One uniqueness about the area is that it holds the future goldmine of the Nation; it is a sitting place of giant and largest Steel Company in Africa. The citing of Ajakuota Steel Company Limited and Itakpe Iron Ore Mining Company in the area was stemmed on high quality iron ore raw material deposit founded in the area.

Asides this, the senatorial district is also known to have produced foremost Nigeria Nationalist who had showcase their Worth when they served Nigeria in different capacities. These past Ebira legends had distinguished themselves in their chosen careers and their contributions are well felt everywhere till date.

Some of the National Patriots from the area were Late Abdulmalik Atta, one time Secretary of the Federation under Yakub Gowon’s regime, late Abdulraham Okene, the first Nigeria Ambassador to United Kingdom, George Uru Ohikere, the first Managing Director of Nigeria Port Authority, late A T Ahmed, one Time Managing Director of Nigeria Port Authority, Late Dr Malik Okino, a medical Doctor of high repute.

These foremost Ebira heroes did not leave their people at base as they were always available to hear their cry at anytime. Because of their selfless life to the people in the present Kogi Central, Ebira history is not fully completed without mentioning their names and account of life. In short, they had great passion for societal development and very compassionate to the downtrodden in the street.

These Heroes of ours left big shoes which the present crop of Leaders in Kogi Central are still finding hard to fit in till date. Though, the present Leaders have equally been trying but their best can not said to be at tandem with these past Ebira heroes.

As 2019 general election gathered momentum, there is political dust everywhere. 2019 is a moment for us to identify whether we can still get the like of past Ebira legends that had done outstanding things for the Nation.

From the trending reports, people of impeccable character have started showing their faces. Many of these people are angling to represent us at different levels and even professing to match the starling qualities of our foremost Kogi Central Legends and Heroes.

One of those upcoming leaders to watch is Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino. Engineer Abdullahi Okino is a man of high charisma, impeccable character and one with outstanding record of achievements. Okino is an astute achiever and great entrepreneur.

Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino hails from Ihima and born to the family of Late Dr. Malik Okino. His father during his life time was a generous man. He used his medical career to touch the life of the less privilege ones in the society who couldn’t afford health care services. Because of his care for the indigent ones in Kogi Central, he was nicked name as “boboile”.

In short, Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino is a replica of his father. Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino does offer help to indigent people in the society without asking where they came from. He is not sentimental or clannish inclined when consideration of who to help are brought to his ear. He has bought JAMB Forms for good numbers of Students planning to advance their education. The beneficiaries cut across all the Local Government Areas in Kogi Central Senatorial Districts.

He had once donated Text Books and School Uniforms to Ihima Community Secondary School in Ihima in his bid to encourage Youths to take education seriously.

He has also carved a niche for himself in many areas. He is the Chief Executive Office (CEO) and owner of Unique Oil Integrated Limited. He is well educated. He bagged his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Portharcourt in 2005. He later had Master in Business Administration in Oil and Gas management in United Kingdom. He is a member of several professional bodies. One of such is Chartered Management and Institute of Gas Management in UK where he got chartered as a professional Manager and Consultant.

In his bid to pursue education to its peak, he is presently running his Doctorate Degree in Business administration and Management in the United State of America.

In view of his above good profile and outstanding records of achievement, the Writer of this article will not be wrong to conclude that Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino is our new generational Abdulmalik Atta. Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino is our new generational Senator A T Ahmed as he possessed their starling leadership qualities which made them to stand tall during their life-time.

Going by the title of this article which read thus: Can Kogi Central People get it right again? Yes, indeed. We can get it right again through Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino. Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino is one that can offer us responsive representation. He is one we can trust and vouch for without any iota of doubt. What we need doing is to stand behind him wherever he wants to go.

– Shaibu Stephen Ojate, a journalist and public affairs commentator, writes from Abuja.

He is reachable on 09075716236 or 08052666344.

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