Kogi Gov Cautions Labour To Be More Circumspect With Sensational Statements in Media

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…non-payment of salaries should become a distant memory soon to Kogi State civil servants

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has expressed concerns over attempts to implicate the state government over the Wednesday assassination of a labour leader, Mallam Abdulmumuni Yaqub.

In a statement signed and issued by Governor Bello, the reported claims by the leadership of the organised labour in the state was described as worrisome and uncalled for.

He said his administration has no choice but to work for the welfare of both civil servants and the entire people of the state.

“Mallam Abdulmumin Yaqub was a well known community leader, an Islamic cleric, a schoolteacher, and a Labour leader. In fact, he was one of the leaders who worked closely with Government and the Security Agencies to stem the tide of insecurity in Kogi Central, particularly the Okene Axis. Those who know him well inform us that he lived an honourable life. No one must be allowed to dishonour him, even in death.
“I am particularly worried about utterances credited to the leadership of organised Labour in Kogi State in the media suggesting that Mallam’s death may not be unconnected with his roles as a Labour leader opposed to Government. Simply put, they have insinuated that this Government may have something to do with his death. They have also gone ahead to posit that their lives are not safe as Labour leaders. I am aghast at this manner of thinking. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the leadership of Labour knows this.
“Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Labour in Kogi State has capitalised on horrendous tragedies which befell some of our citizens to malign the Administration in the most malicious way. In the last 3 weeks alone they have been quick to lay 3 tragedies at our door – the suicide of senior Civil Servant, the death of a family’s dear daughter from sickle cell anaemia disease and now the killing of Mallam Yaqub by as yet unidentified assassins, only to have the true stories surface a short while later contradicting their stories. Sadly, even when refuted, they have not been as quick to find the needed forthrightness to offer their regrets for accusing us falsely, or to apologise to the families they have hurt.
“Nevertheless, let me assure Labour leaders that they have nothing to fear. Government is not after them. I am not after them. On the contrary, Government remains responsible for the security of their lives and properties, along with those of all other citizens of this great state. It is a responsibility which even they know that we take very very seriously indeed.
“I therefore call on the Labour Leaders again today to be more circumspect with the sensational statements in the media, if for nothing else, to minimise the potential for fear and mischief mongering. As they ought to know, in our society these sort of unguarded comments should not be made by people like them who are leaders in their own rights.
“Let me put it on record again that my Administration has no choice but to work for the welfare of both our Civil Servants and our people as a whole. It is in fact the reason we have undertaken some difficult but necessary public sector reforms. The benefits of these reforms are also becoming evident to all with each passing day despite resistance from some surprising quarters. Payment of salaries, which is the primary issue at stake now is being tackled head-on even as I speak. Non-payment should become a distant memory soon to Kogi State Civil Servants. Government is always ready to work together with willing partners to succeed in this regard,” he said.
Governor Bello offered N1million reward for anyone who provides information that can help the law enforcement agencies speed up the arrest of those who killed the innocent citizens.

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