Opinion: By Campaigning Against Primate Ayodele, Leke Abejide Supporters Have Missed It

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There has been uproar in the camp of the ADC Governorship candidate in Kogi, Honourable Leke Abejide following the advice of a renowned prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele to the politician.

Primate Ayodele had mentioned in a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, that Leke Abejide has a bright future in Kogi politics but it is not yet his time to become governor of Kogi state.

The prophet advised Leke Abejide to step down his ambition and support a formidable candidate because if he continues to push his ambition, the future of his political career will be stained and it may affect his chances in the coming years.

Instead of perceiving this prophetic message as candid advice from the spiritual realm, the media team and supporters of the politician launched a campaign of calumny against Primate Elijah Ayodele who doesn’t care about their comments. They decided to call him names in the new media and even went as far as lying against the man of God.

At least, in two different publications on a particular news website, they described Primate Ayodele as a man who shared incoherent prophecies. They mentioned that the man of God is known for giving prophecies that don’t come to pass. They even went as far as saying Primate Ayodele is working for the candidate of the PDP, Dino Melaye.

Of course, Primate Ayodele or his media team will never respond to such an article with unfounded allegations that can’t hold water but as a staunch follower of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies, I deemed it fit to respond and advise the followers of Leke Abejide.

To start with, Primate Ayodele has never for once during an election period pitched his tent with any politician or political party. Even in the last presidential election, Primate Ayodele advised all the candidates on how to win the election. He spoke about PDP, APC, and Labour Party. There is no prophet as detailed as Primate Ayodele in the country or on the continent. Long before the election, Primate Ayodele revealed how the winner of the presidential election will emerge, he warned every candidate equally and never favored one candidate against another.

On account of this, it’s surprising that some people would feel Primate Ayodele who didn’t pitch his tent with any candidate during the presidential election would do so with Senator Dino Melaye or PDP for just Kogi governorship election. I don’t think there is anything PDP or Dino Melaye can offer Primate Ayodele that he doesn’t already have.

Speaking further on the 2023 presidential election, it’s sad that the writers of these articles unlocked their mischief by twisting the prophecy of Primate Ayodele just to score an offside goal. In one of the write-ups, it was noted that Primate Ayodele prophesied victory for Abubakar Atiku of PDP and in another, it was written that the man of God prophesied against Tinubu’s swearing-in.

Primate Ayodele mentioned in his prophecy about Atiku which is still available on the internet that Abubakar Atiku is God’s choice for Nigeria but it is left for the people to decide if they will go with God’s choice. He also categorically mentioned that he wasn’t prophesying victory for Atiku in the election because it is only people’s vote that can determine who wins the election. How then does this translate to the prophet saying Atiku will win?

Also, among other prophets in Africa, Primate Ayodele was one of those who said Tinubu’s swearing-in ceremony will hold smoothly. He is only opposed to the Muslim-Muslim ticket and he still maintains that God isn’t in support of Tinubu’s presidency. Just a few days ago, Primate Ayodele still mentioned that Nigerians will suffer greatly under Tinubu’s administration; he has always maintained his stance on Tinubu’s administration and never changed it for once.

While I have clarified all unfounded allegations against Primate Ayodele by these detractors, I want to advise them to pay more attention to their candidate, Leke Abejide. Understandably, they are not comfortable with the prophet’s message but campaigning against him is unnecessary. It won’t change Primate Ayodele’s prophecy, he has spoken already and it will be in their best interest that they listen or work seriously against the prophecy from coming to pass, if they can.

They will surely write more articles against Primate Ayodele because I know the prophet will still speak about Leke Abejide’s ambition to advise him as a spiritual father to everyone but they will dent the political career of their preferred candidate.

I could remember some years back before the Anambra governorship election that produced Governor Charles Soludo. Primate Ayodele mentioned some names of candidates and advised them to withdraw because they won’t win the election. The candidate of the APC, Andy Uba was among the names mentioned but instead of taking it in good faith, He launched different media campaigns against the man of God. As usual, the prophet didn’t respond but alas, Andy Uba lost the election and was later sacked as APC candidate in the election. It was an embarrassment that could have been avoided if he had just listened to the prophet instead of running campaigns against him.

The followers and media team of Leke Abejide should learn some lessons from this brief explanation. There is no way they can discredit Primate Ayodele in the media because he has proven records available everywhere. The best they can do is listen or ignore the warnings; responding with articles is fighting a wrong battle. They have indeed missed it but can still retrace their steps, it’s not too late.

–  Achagba Achimi writes from Igalamela, Kogi State.

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