Opinion: Bold, Like Bello

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In the dusking days of 2020, browsing through my news feed on Facebook I had stumbled upon a peice drawn from the reputable wells of my mentor and boss; Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice.

Like most of his musings, if not all, I remember reading that heartwarming piece to the latter.

For better or for worse, what I remember of that soul-piercing article he titled, “In life, You Don’t Need a Crown to be a King,” Enenyi Haruspice had explained that one thing he wouldn’t do was to mock the aspirations of others since we are all created differently with a different purpose.

He had also insisted that those who sit idle and tabulate who fits certain positions in life are usually the ones perpetually angry with the system. And to say I didn’t agree more to his sentiments would be to sound too forward.

Biblically, I assume the Kogi Governor reminds one of the steadfastness of Job. Or even the plights and flights of David whom despite being chosen and anointed as King by God, would spend the next 7 to 10 years of his enterprising life in caves and on the run from the pernicious claws of King Saul.

Yet, the Christan Holy Book in 1 Timothy 4:12 admonishes me: “don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith…”

Delving further, Enenyi Haruspice maintained that: “when Governor Yahaya Bello mouthed the idea of running for the Lugard House, he was laughed at, today, he isn’t just the governor of Kogi but taking a shot at the highest office. And I dare to ask, why are people afraid to dream? Now, lets even look further at the audacious life trajectory of this man. He comes from a disadvantaged place, dared to run against formidable forces, boom, he got what he dreamt of. This time, the man is daring the odds, guess what? Those who are perpetually tied to self-limitations are in deadly doubts. They think Bello is mad for daring to vie for the office of the president!”

He had also assured that, “In life, you don’t need a crown to be a king, all you need is the heart of a king. He wants to achieve must unite his determination to his vision and his vision to his dreams. The power to create a means is an end itself. Achievers don’t wait for opportunities, they create their own opportunities. Life is a process in time and success is a choice in trying, instead of waiting for time, creat your time. Begrudge not those who dream, for, from their dreams, they form realities.”

In words I have since taken to the bank, the Musing Maestro finally charged me to dare to dream, that to become purposeful, I must extricate myself from the captivity of doubt.

And that like Yahaya Bello, I too could dare to become President. I could become the President of my life and my choices. I could boldly put my feet on the pedal and stir.

I personally didn’t read that as any form of an article. It was revelation targeting my senses. And I took it very seriously. The affirmation is to become unflinching, daring, and bold, like Bello.

– Illah Michael Ojodomo wrote from Kogi state.

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