2023 Presidential Race: An Open Letter to Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello

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Your Excellency,

First of all Sir, on behalf of the people of Adavi Local Government, I wish to congratulate you on your recent appointment as the Chairman of Women and Youth Sensitization & Mobilization of our great party, All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the revalidation and registration exercise.

I do not doubt your capacity and ability to discharge the duty bestowed on you, by the ruling party, APC.

May God continue to be with you, guide you, and empower you to do more for our beloved country.

Sir, I bring good tidings and salutations to you not just as an Executive Governor of our dear state (Kogi), but as a Change Agent, unifying bridge builder, a beacon of hopes, and a preacher of peace, unity, equity, & justice. 

As implied by your middle name “ADOZA” which literally means ‘the people’s father’, you have been a role model and father figure to youths across the nation, and this has given rise to the call of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora, for you to run for the office of the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Your Excellency Sir, I can gladly tell the world a whole lot of things I learned from you have worked directly under you as an Administrator and Senior Special Assistant on Security in charge of Adavi Local Government Area. I am proud of you and sincerely overwhelmed that God Almighty gifted my generation with an angel in human form.

As a believer of the Christian Faith, the Holy Bible in James 1:19 said “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;” Your Excellency, people love to be heard. Surely, there have been times where people have turned to you for advice or even a shoulder to cry on. Why do you think they keep coming back again and again? Only a special person like you can master the skill of listening. You take time for due diligence before interfering in any arising issue, you are a great listener.

Dearest Adoza, think of all the impossibilities God had made possible for you, how else do you think you got through the tough moments? It certainly was not because you got scared and buried your head in the sand. And yes, it certainly was not fun to say, but think of how others looked up to you when you braved the stormy seas. Whether you realize it or not, you probably encouraged many others to become more courageous, just like you. Being courageous also means taking risks.

The Father of our dearest state, your friends and family are around for a reason, you obviously bring a smile to their faces and value their time. The care and attention that you bring to every one of your relationships and are one of the many reasons why we love you. Don’t believe it? How many thank-yous do you notice? Better yet, do you have any handwritten cards or thank-you notes people have sent to you that you’ve kept? Obviously, the way you show love to others has made a bigger impact than you thought. You have reawakened hope to so many who had long given up. Your love for humanity and nature cannot be compared anytime soon. We loved and you are loved beyond imagination.

As the Chief Security Officer, you have secured our state and it’s territorial boundaries, are you aware that you are now a reference point for other governors on the huge success recorded on securing Kogi State? We cannot count your achievements as they are numerous.

Again, I am proud to be associated with you. Nobody knows how to put a positive spin on things like you do. Whereas many people concentrate on the problems at hand, you look towards coming up with solutions, COVID-19 is a case study. Your positivity about life was what gave the courage to stand firm against the politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic by most government officials in the country. You stood alone and today, Nigerians are celebrating your courage and singing your praises as a dogged fighter. We are proud of you.

Your Excellency, thank you for putting an end to marginalization, thank you for running an all-inclusive administration, thank you for giving our women a sense of belonging, thank you for make our youths useful and resourceful, for all that you have done, history will never forget you, your name has been written with a golden pen. Thank you for all that you do.

Conclusively, I join well-meaning Nigerians, youths, and people of goodwill to call on you to stand to pilot the affairs of our great nation, Nigeria.

Nigerians believe in your capacity, leadership styles, and administrative uniqueness.

Accept the assurances of my highest esteem Your Excellency. I appreciate your courtesies,  past and present. Many thanks.

Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami
Chairman, Adavi Local Government Area, Kogi State.

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