‘Clamp Down on Fake Lawyers Defending Bello’, Okai Urges IGP, NBA, DSS

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Usman Okai, the 2023 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for the Dekina/Bassa federal constituency, has urged the Inspector General of Police, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), and the Department of State Security to clamp down on “fake lawyers” who compromise the integrity of the judiciary with their deceitful practices.

He criticized the presence of the alleged fraudulent legal practitioners at press conferences where they defend the embattled former Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

During a recent event in Abuja, a group of lawyers, led by Emmanuel Agada, accused the EFCC boss of blatantly disregarding valid court orders and violating Nigerians’ constitutional rights.

Agada stated, “As young lawyers, we aspire to a judiciary where justice is not only served but is clearly seen to be served. It is our patriotic duty to promote endeavors that ensure an independent judiciary that administers justice impartially.”

In response, Okai emphasized that the NBA must thoroughly investigate these unknown lawyers whose actions degrade the legal profession.

He also mentioned that the National Judicial Council (NJC) has a duty to cleanse the legal system of those who treat it merely as a business opportunity.

Okai described these lawyers as mercenaries, prostituting their services to the highest bidder, disregarding justice and morality.

He commended individuals like Olukayode for challenging the status quo.

“The supposed court order was obtained by fraud, mocking justice,” Okai remarked.

He stressed that no legal manipulation should protect criminals like Yahaya Bello from the repercussions of their actions, emphasizing the international community’s role in ignoring these lawyers’ baseless appeals.

Okai also noted that Kogi State has become a hub for corruption, with many exploiting its resources.

He highlighted the lavish spending of certain civil society organizations, obscure lawyers, and self-styled pundits as indicators of societal decay.

“Yahaya Bello, known for his disregard for the rule of law, has turned Kogi State into his personal domain, appointing cronies as judges and manipulating the judiciary to serve his interests,” he stated.

Okai called for immediate action from both domestic and international entities to preserve the sanctity of justice and prevent corrupt politicians from violating the rule of law.

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