Opinion: Amuro Has Political Sagacity to Lobby for LG Administrator/Chairman

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With a careful study of the political trend in Mopamuro as we approach 2019 elections, I have observed some shady moves by some State Government Appointees to cunningly go against our peaceful and much respected zoning arrangement. To put differently, Mopamuro APC is trying to make Amuro run for Assembly for a third consecutive term, with the flimsy excuse that they don’t know what the position of the Government will be after the expiration of the incumbent LG administrator by September.
Amuro has been known for her political sagacity over the years and as such it won’t be difficult for them to lobby for an Amuro person to be the next head of the LG after September, 2018, either by reappointment or election.
Why will Mopamuro APC decide to go in the opposite direction when the PDP, SDP and other political parties have zoned their Assembly slots to Mopa, if not for the selfish plan of these Government’s Appointees to distort our peaceful sociopolitical coexistence in their own wicked interest? Going in such opposite direction by Mopamuro APC means going against the wish of the people which is the popular demand.
More so, the Amuro people collectively are interested in the LG seat and not House of Assembly seat.
Hon. Ademola Bello, Mr. Femi Babalola and others who are been deceived to run for Assembly should in the interest of Apapo Amuro jettison the thought and begin to work for LG Chairman or Administrator if they really want to serve Mopamuro people.
I am also appealing to other APC leaders in the LG who doesn’t have this parochial thought at to fight for what is right.
– Osuolale Michael from Orokore Amuro.

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