Opinion: ​When ‘Critics’ Descend to Dishonorable Depths of Convenient Amnesia

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It’s apparent that most of these people who pride themselves as ‘critics’ of Governor Yahaya Bello are simply using the veil of ‘opposition’ and ‘critiquing’ to unleash their ulterior agendas. Their narratives and comments are always riddled with messages that are only vindictive, destructive and self serving.

Their current grouse is why would Governor Yahaya Bello appoint his in law into a position?

So the questions are:

Is the person qualified for the job? YES.

Is she competent? YES.

Is she an indigene of Kogi and entitled to a job just as other citizens are? YES.

Should the person not be considered for a job if he’s qualified and competent because he is related to the Governor? NO.

Is Governor Yahaya Bello the first governor to appoint a relative to serve in government? NO

Let’s take a historical excursion into Captain Idris Wada’s government where nepotism and favouritism reigned supreme. Wada appointed relatives and imported his friends from different parts of Nigeria and Europe and injected them into positions as he deemed fit, but we didn’t hear any uproar from the so called ‘critics’, especially the dissimulating phoney bloke and pathological traducer with the self-acclaimed but unofficial title of PDP youth leader who authored that outlandish piece.

Austin Usman Okai, in his quibbling stuttering tongue and trembling fingers shamelessly condemned governor Bello for appointing his in-law into a position she is very much qualified to serve. In his prevaricating hanging tongue, he mentioned how the appointee is a mere Level 12 civil servant who doesn’t merit such capacity.

Wait a minute, what is wrong if GYB appointed his in-law who is qualified to serve in a particular position? In this state and just in the last PDP administration:

1. Former governor, Captain Idris Wada from Odu Ogboyaga who share the same fence with Dr. Idris Omede appointed same Omede as his Commissioner for health. Nobody complained. Austin Okai, the notorious political trickster and slanderous PDP youth misleader cannot recall that.

2. The Chief of Staff to Wada, Alhaji Mohammed Nasiru Adebu from Dekina is Wada’s relative. Incase you don’t know, Captain Wada grew up in Nasiru father’s house where he was trained and given Quranic education. Nobody noticed this. The PDP youth perjurer and professional maligner of people he deem as enemies also didn’t notice it.

3. The Special Adviser to former governor Wada on MDGs (now SDGs), Mr. Haliru Alih Abdul is Wada’s nephew; Haliru’s mother and Capt Wada have the same grandparents but Austin the tribal dogmatist and ethnic jingoist did not notice it.

4. The first SUBEB chairman appointed by Wada; Mallam Usman from Ankpa was Wada’s cousin. He was later sacked and replaced by another relation, Nuhu Ahmed from Anyigba. Austin Okai the tribal chauvinist and cheap propaganda merchant didn’t see this.

5. Mr. Abubakar Adama who hails from Idah and who was Chairman, Kogi State Road Maintenance Agency is the immediate elder brother to Halima, Captain Wada’s wife! Austin Okai worked for Wada but being an egocentric fabler who is politically and historically amnesic, he has forgotten all these.

All these Mararaba, One-man village, New Nyanya, Masaka, Kuchikau, New Karu, Kubwa, and Dutse Alhaji based ethnic fanatics and superpatriots; the chums and advocates of “Igala governor” and “power wrestlers” must cool down and learn that Kogi State belongs to all Kogites; and should understand that any Kogite, whether Igala, Ebira, Okun, Bassa Owòrò, Nupe, or Kakanda can become governor of our dear State.

The ‘critics’ must realise that the New Direction Administration of Governor Yahaya Bello places priority on qualification and competence in appointing people into positions, nepotism has no place in the current government and mischief makers must understand how ludicrous it is to refuse to employ a qualified and competent person because they have ties with the employer.

Let us eschew vindictiveness and politics of bitterness and think of the progress of Kogi State as prioritised by the New Direction Administration of the innovative and indefatigable governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

– Odaudu Joel Minister
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on New Media.

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