Open Letter to Senator Smart Adeyemi

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Dearest Brother Smart,

It is a very good thing to exchange visit, especially among siblings from one family, and it is quite interesting if a son decides to visit the father after long while. Yahaya Bello is the father of all Kogites by the virtue of his position as the governor of the state.
Recently, you visited your father in Lokoja. The group pictures of your visit to Lugard House was flashed on Facebook and other social media platforms. So also your comments during your ephemeral visit. All appeared in print or electronic media, and were audible
Brother Smart, I really appreciate your kind gesture, but am seriously worried over certain comments credited to your person. I am so sorry for my curiosity to confirm one or two things that transpired during the visit which I wasn’t sure of. I saw how you were sandwiched by millipedes of people, quite ‘intimidating’ crowd, though rented and conveyed in over 60 vehicles from different locations, including imports from neighboring Kwara state, your choice place of residence.
It baffles me that despite your stage-managed popularity, you still lost last senatorial election. Why? I also read in your eulogies that “Lokoja has transformed beyond your imagination, that the place is now wearing a new look and Lugard House is now like Aso Rock villa”. These comments beats my hearts hollow, though that, I wasn’t surprised because you are yet to recover from the trauma of your defeat and more so that you are one of the JBs (Jonathan Boys), the only language they understand is money.
The first time you embarked on such visit to Lugard House was during the reign of late Governor Abubakar Audu, the Adoja 1 of Igala land and the caterpillar Sarkin Aiki of Kogi state. May his soul rest well. You were in company of an erudite scholar, Prof Emeritus Jerry Gana, former information minister, some of your fellow pen generals and other well meaning Nigerians, under Obasanjo/PDP regime.
After your objective assessment of the practical work you met on ground, you were convinced beyond doubt and rolled out uncounted awards for the excellent efforts you all witnessed during your fact finding tour to the Confluence State. The Prince of Niger carted home several diadems, an APP governor winning massively under PDP empire. It symbolizes merit. This singular objectivity and transparency, if I am not mistaken earned you express ticked to the Senate to represent the great people of Kogi West, and they entire people of Kogi were proud of the enigma called Smart Adeyemi. Great son indeed.
When we heard this time that the same Smart, now Senator Smart Adeyemi, is scheduled to pay visit to Lugard House our hope was rekindled. We were all happy that our man has agreed to visit the power house again. Smart, a man of proven integrity is coming again for proper assessment of same government, this time under Yahaya Bello, in an era of excess liquidity and surplus cash – situation where by the people are crying for water while navigating the sea. The period whereby State/LG workers are not paid for 16months, teachers for 16months and pensioners for 16months, era of 16/0 – 16/0 – 16/0 after round of six (6) screening in a stretch, and full of stress.
Imagine the same empire, same venue, same game but different team and captain and better atmosphere, but with no practicals on ground, no peace on the land, insecurity all over, with severe hunger and starvation, while poverty and disease is been massively and perpetually dispensed in the last 16months in Kogi state. With uncountable civil servants and pensioners been sent to their early graves, we are now in complete state of decadence paralysis.  The state has nose dived into economic quagmire, learning institutions are under permanent lock and key, our student are now forced out of classrooms to ride okadas on the streets of Nigeria, yet the former Senator was full of praises for the failed state under the inept governor.
Is it that Smart has closed his eyes to realities on ground just to score cheap points or ready to sacrifice merit on the platter of personal ambition/needs?
If I may ask, does the comments that oozed off your lips in Lugard House during your pre-arranged visit have direct link with the contents of your heart?
Is Senator Smart in touch with his constituency after his unplanned exit? If yes, when was the last time the people (government workers) from his senatorial district smiles to the bank?
Can Smart mention one successful project this government has done in his entire Okun land?
Senator Smart, did you pay this visit to intimidate or rattle your arch rival, Senator Dino Melaye? I do know the personality of Dino, he is not lily-livered.
Are you now so cheap to be used as an emergency actor, brought on stage to act the father’s script after rehearsals for peanuts?
Is the former Senator suffering from visual problem? The comparison of Lugard House with Aso Rock really betrays the intention of Smart, or could it be that he was playing Smart one on the intellectually demobilized governor to make an inroad into his heart for 2019 ticket?
Is Senator Smart Adeyemi a praise singer now?
Every thing about your visit was wrong; the timing, your choice of host, the comments you made, the crowd you hired, in fact you appear like someone who spewed out his conscience and eat it back, making you completely insensitive to human plights.
No matter how tragic the condition of the people, all you are after is self aggrandizement. Remember the saying that “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. Senator Smart a friend to Bello? Oh!
Can you check your self again; from your head, heart, soul and body, has the governor done any good thing that has added any value to the state or rather done everything to devalue human lives?
That you could go to Kogi government house without asking why civil servants were not paid all these while, and secondly why are all citadels of learning in the state are closed to the students while the schools in other state are fully in session.
Kogi state government under the clueless governor has created destitute out of the hard working people of Kogi state. This government has successfully turned the entire place to a dumping ground for absurdities, all the LGAs, including Lokoja the state capital, are now glorified IDP camps (internally displaced persons).
Please God, come down now, don’t send any of your prophet, the situation requires your presence to save us from the wilderness of “change mantra”.
Senator Smart please put on your thinking cap and your looking glasses now, to think well and see well, the place you are going is a no go area. Please watch well before you leap, beware of the human land mines and traps.
This letter is to save a brother from the unknown danger. Mine is just a piece of advise, try to find out the pulse of your native Okun people, none is happy with the present development, they all love to hate the present actors on stage, why because they are self-serving, they are out to witch hunt and enslave the people. Even though the mandate belong to the people, they are devils incarnate with cast hearts. They don’t want to see the people of the state, even when we are in democracy, they are operating devilocracy.
My brother Smart, don’t view this letter from a different point of view other than a piece of advise that it is. I tried everything humanly possible to resist the urge to write you this letter, but each time I pick my pen and drop, the holy spirit appears to me, warning me to pick up my pen and put their message across to you, that already, there is conspiracy of silence on the land which is not supposed to be especially at this critical moment. I am working on their directives to be the whistle blower that will save you, that is all. I have done my assignment, the rest is yours.
The same effort you put in place to move the people to Lugard House to praise-sing could have been deployed to put pressure on the same Lugard House to pay salaries to put foods on the tables of our impoverished civil servants and also open the locked up schools in the state for the children of the poor to study.
Baba God, please hear our cries, we ask for  your love and protection, save us from the torments of the wicked ones, in the special name of ” Lai letul-quadr”  the night of majesty of your Holy month of Ramadan (sacred period)
Kindly yours,
Citizen Goodman Akwu

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