Okun Leaders Disappoint Bello, Accepts University Offer, But Sticks to Kogi Governorship Quest

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After failing to fulfil his promise to support power shift to Kogi West senatorial district after his tenure, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello decided to offer Okun people in the zone a ‘Greek Gift’. He is well aware of the age-long clamour for a university in Okun land, so he decided to divide them with the offer of a university sited o their soil.

It is a calculated political gimmick deployed to divide Okun people and split their votes in faovur of his stooge, Ododo, at the November 11 polls.

By Bello’s calculations, Okun leader promoting powershift to Kogi West will reject the university offer and he will then deploy his foot soldiers to denigrate the leaders for rejecting a project that is so dear to the people. His hired media merchants have inked their notorious pens waiting to blackmail notable Okun leaders who will reject the offer and create bad blood among the electorate in the area.

Unfortunately for Bello and his schemers, Okun leaders are wiser than their schemings. They saw through the pit dug but covered with political mat. They accepted the offer wholeheartedly. They even commended Bello for the move. However, they are adamant on pursuing the ‘Okun for Governor’ project.

They even suggested that since a Governor from Igala land built and developed Prince Abubakar Audu University in Anyigba and another Governor from Ebira land built and developed Confluence University in Osara, it will be just and wise for a Governor from Kogi West build and develop the proposed Okun University.

Okun leaders are not ready to compromise this time because once bitten, twice shy. They know of a fact that Bello is not a promise keeper. He can’t be trusted to build Okun University to desired standards.

Was it not the same Bello who made our Royal Fathers to line up waiting for him till around 7pm in the evening to flag off roads rehabilitation in Kabba in the build up to 2019 elections? What happened to the said rehabilitation projects? Abandoned! We are not gullible people.

Same Bello flagged off Idah-Agenebode bridge with pomp in 2019. Till date, no single stone has found its way to the audio project site.

We do not trust Bello and cannot trust his stooge, Ododo with our destiny. We won’t fall for any of his political games as November 11 2023 is our date with destiny. No retreat, no surrender.

– Abidemi Olalekan writes from Lokoja.

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