Okene Teachers Stage Peaceful Protest Against Percentage Payment of January Salary

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The Okene Local Government Teachers and their Union (NUT), on Wednesday, staged a peaceful massive protest at Okene Local Government Secretariat.

The NUT Chairman, Okene branch, Comrade Dauda Shaibu, said they are tired of the fraudulent act of the local government chairman and his executives. Comrade Dauda  said the state government has directed the local government chairmen to pay January Salary in 100 percent.

“We were here before now and they paid deaf ears to our request”, he sad.

“On 26th February, 2016 the aggrieved teachers of Okene Local Government protested to the Local Government Secretariat and the Vice Chairman, who is now the acting Chairman, promised to call in on the union for a round table discussion on the modality by which the salary will be paid, but the council acting chairman failed to keep to his promise and again we decide to give him the grace of a day and he also failed to put a call through, that is the reason for today’s protest since they are avoiding us.

Unfortunately, the aggrieved teachers were unlucky to meet any of the executives in the office, but left two vital messages through the local government public relation officer (P.R.O) Mr. Suleiman Abdulkareem

(1) Our list and data should be return to the L.G.E.A office.

(2) They should not go ahead to pay the salary directly from their office, even if it is one million per teacher because it is not their responsibility to pay the LGEA Staff.

The BESAN Chairman, Comrade Lateef Omeiza Ondeku, clearly stated that teachers from Okene Local Government will never accept any payment lower than what the state government has instructed the council chairmen to pay, “we are ready to demand for our right legally with every beat of our strength. Enough is Enough! We are in a change era. In the quest of demanding for our entitlement we will be law abiding citizens, let them continue running from their office we will never give up until our salary is paid in 100 percent.

Okene Protests Percentage Salary 2 Okene Protests Percentage Salary 3

The Local Government Public Relation Officer, Mr. Suleiman Abdulkareem also addressed the large turnout of aggrieved protesters to please stay calm as he seriously feel for the pain and agony teachers presently passing through, he also promise to deliver the message of NUT and BESAN Chairmen to the Local Government acting Chairman as soon as he return to the office and also beg the teachers that they are all one, and alsob speak in honour of their peaceful protest.

Credit: Live Event E-Broadcast

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