Okene/Ogori-Magongo Reps Race: The Man MomohJimoh Lawal

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In recent time, I have been pondering over myriad of problems and challenges that continue to bedevil our people especially within Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency. The challenges are enormous but they are solvable if squarely faced by the people through effective and intellectual approach by dedicated and multi-talented individuals. I believe there is the need for a new political and social re-engineering to address some of the challenges within the constituency.
Some of the visible challenges within Okene -Ogori- Magongo Federal Constituency are: poor water supply, epileptic power supply, shortage of health personnel as well as drugs in hospitals, dilapidated structures in schools as well as inadequate teachers and instructional materials.
The high level of poverty in the constituency is very glaring and unacceptable. The chronic issue of unemployment and under-employment are general threats to our youths and women-folk which must be addressed quickly. The road networks across the Okene – Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency are in dire need of urgent attention from the federal and state governments.
All the above are serious challenges that must be resolved urgently in favour of our  people in the federal constituency.
For the past few months, I have made extensive consultations and have received impressive encouragement and massive goodwill from a broad spectrum of our people within and outside the constituency about the need for a radical departure from what leadership used to be in the past.
One unique thing you should know about my consultations with people is that, wherever I went, the creativity of our people and strong determination to succeed and make Okene -Ogori-Magongo great are in abundance. I want to say that if we inspire them well, if we give them hope and if we strengthen their burning desire for greatness, definitely progress will be recorded in the constituency.
To adequately and satisfactory capture the essence of this message, I have resolutely catalogued the salient cardinal points of how the about challenges will be solved.
I would like to appeal to the good people of Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency, of all shades of opinion to please join me in working together for a robust political consolidation that will serve as a fountain for the revitalization of our constituency. Our ultimate goal as a people is the socio-economic uplift and well-being of our people.
In view of the above, therefore, and with strong faith in God and the good people of Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency, I declare my good intention to seek nomination to represent the constituency in the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP). My experience as a legislator in the last seven years in the Kogi State House of Assembly will be a huge advantage for me to deliver dividends of democracy to our people.
I ask for the support of our people from Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency in my bid to represent them at Federal House of Representatives comes 2019 general elections. Let us join hands to move the constituency forward.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal was born on the 11th of February, 1968 at Okengwe, in Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State into the family of the amiable Momoh Lawal.
He attended:
Local School Management Board 1 (LSMB) Okengwe from 1974 to 1980 where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate.
Lennon Memorial College, Ageva, where he started his secondary school education.
Community Secondary School (CSS) Ege, in Okene Local Government Area where he completed his secondary school education in 1987.
Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, where he obtained his National Diploma in Business Administration in 1997.
Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, where he studied Business Administration and bagged his Higher National Diploma in 2001.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal was employed into public service by the Kwara State Education Management Board in 1990. Upon the creation of Kogi State in 1991, his services were transferred from Kwara State to Kogi State specifically to the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission TSC, Lokoja.
He rose to the position of Senior Executive Officer (SEO) accounts where he served meritoriously and ended his service with the state government without any stain in 2011.
In 2011, Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal ventured into politics. He joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in order to have wider and more direct impact on his people, Okene II Constituency. The clarion call of his people to represent them at the Kogi State House of Assembly was so loud that he had to heed to the call. He won the 2011 election for Okene II State Constituency with a wide margin. His first four years in office was eventful, characterized with developmental drive driven by Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal. All his motions were targeted at providing succour to the ordinary person on the street.
In 2015, the good people of Okene II state constituency once again gave Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal the solid mandate to represent them in the State House of Assembly. His dedication to work, his honesty nature and his kindness to humanity has brought total trust on his person, no wonder in 2013 he was elected as the Honourable Speaker of the State House of Assembly and in 2015, he was re-elected for the same post by other twenty-four members of the Kogi State House of Assembly, his re-election was based on his past achievements as a Speaker. Rt. Hon. Lawal in July 2016 resigned his position honourably as the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly after so much arm-twisting within and outside the legislative chamber. But one thing still remain, Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal is a good man who is difficult to be faulted, he served diligently as the speaker from 2013 to 2016 and he left the office without blemish and he resigned for peace to reign in the House of Assembly and Kogi State in general, which is a rare thing among Nigerian politicians.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh is happily married; the marriage has been blessed with responsible children.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal is a recipient of several awards within and outside Kogi State in recognition of his contributions to humanity especially from students, religious, community, political, associations and professional bodies. These awards have in more than one way encouraged him to work harder to uplift human society.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal initiated and moved several motions on the floor of the Kogi State House of Assembly, such motions are:
Rehabilitation of boosters stations at Otite, Ochaja and Egbe on 29th June, 2011.
Assistance towards the rehabilitation of damaged educational infrastructure by rainstorm at Okengwe, Arigo, Ageva,
Idoma and Upogoro on 13th July, 2011.
An appeal to the Kogi State Government to rehabilitate Okengwe, Udianeche, Inozi – Imoga roads on 11th October, 2012.
Call for the provision of transformers to Ageva, Otoyi, Ozuja – Ohuda, Ozuja – Uvete and Upogoro – Uvete Communities in Okene II State Constituency on 12th October, 2011.
Call on the Kogi State Government to address the menace of night killings in the Central Senatorial District of Kogi State on 17th January, 2012.
Call to upgrade the status of the School of Nursing, Obangede for the award of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND), to meet the standards of the Nursing Council of Nigeria on 17th January, 2012.
Motion on checking the encroachment of the premises of Okene Township Stadium by undesirable elements on 14th March, 2012.
Curbing of unwarranted trespasses of Okepella community of Edo State on Oguda Farm Centre in Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State (co-sponsored) on 20th March, 2012.
Resuscitation of Ajaokuta Steel Company (co-sponsored) on 13th October, 2012.
An appeal for aids for the Igbo traders whose shops and property were destroyed by inferno at Ohumanaka Market, Idoma, Okengwe in Okene Local Government Area.
In the last seven years, Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal initiated and executed some people centered projects within the constituency he represents in the Kogi State House of Assembly. Such projects executed by Rt. Hon. Lawal include:
Transformer at Ohuda market, Ozuja ward.
Transformer at Ageva.
Motorized and hand-pump boreholes at Obehira – Eba, Abuga/Ozuja ward, Upogoro Uvete, Oro, Obochele Upogoro Eba, Ageva, Idoma, Obehira Uvete.
Fencing of Utapasi spring water at Uzuja ward.
MDG Clinic at Sheifu-deen.
Construction of a block of six (6) classrooms at Lennon Memorial College, Ageva.
On-going construction work on a five (5) classrooms block at Government Day Secondary School, Irivucheba-Okene.
Provision of Computer Training Centre for youths and indigent students at Okengwe with additional One Million Naira donated to the centre.
Distribution of a numbers of cars
Distribution of motor-bikes to youths.
Distribution of long span roofing sheets.
Sponsorship of religious faithful on holy pilgrimages.
Provision of scholarship awards to indigent students (over 500students have benefitted from it).
Created and provided employment opportunities to numerous people especially from Okene Local Government Area and even beyond.
Kennedy Foundation was established by Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal as a platform to impact on the lives of people within his electoral constituency, Okene II State Constituency. He has used this foundation to co-ordinate his philanthropist gesture in several ways to effect positive changes within and outside his constituency.
The Kennedy Foundation was established to create happiness, reduce tension amongst the people and to curb poverty in the constituency.
The foundation has recorded remarkable feats in the Central Senatorial District in such area as award of scholarships to indigent students. Over four million naira (N4, 000, 000) has been expended on students’ education by the foundation.
Furthermore, the Kennedy Foundation has provided Micro Credit Support Scheme to assist the unemployed petty traders, farmers, artisans etc. in order to promote entrepreneurship and to boost business in and around Okene Local Government Area. The foundation has supported this Micro-Credit Support Scheme with over five million Naira (N5,000.000). The scheme is interest free and non-refundable.
To create a dynamic political leadership that will promote democratic values and socio-economic development of the people from my constituency as well as assist the people to acquire knowledge and skills needed to better their well-being and provision of all round development of Okene- Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency.
In tandem with the collective aspirations of the good people of Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency, my mission will be driven by a genuine zeal to support the much needed socio-economic progress, through a robust team work purely built on participatory democratic ethics.
Promotion of participatory democracy.
Promotion of Youth Development and Empowerment Initiative.
Promotion of Women Employment and Poverty reduction Initiative.
Promotion of Security Initiative
Promotion of Educational Development.
Infrastructural Development Initiative.
Promotion of Agricultural Development.
It is no longer news that Nigeria as a nation will be going into elections in the first quarter of 2019, but what might be news is the qualities of personalities that will seek for the mandate of the people for elective positions.
Election period is a time to assess candidates on their ability to uplift human society by the electorate. In democracy, it is the people, the electorate that will determine who and who should represent or lead them and that is the beauty of democracy.
The 2019 general elections will afford the good people of Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency a golden opportunity to elect their God-given representative to the Federal House of Representatives. The people for long have been yearning for a formidable individual who will give them adequate representation in the ‘green chamber.’
Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency is one of the three hundred and sixty seats that will be contested for in the 2019 general elections. This federal constituency is made up of two progressive local government areas of Kogi State namely Okene and Ogori/Magongo.
The people are well known for their dexterity, dedication, humility, honesty, hospitality, generosity and caring nature. The people are known as great farmers, contributing in no small way to the economy of Kogi State and Nigeria by extension. Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency is home to some solid minerals such as kaolin, granite, mica, iron ore, feldspar, clay, quartz, sandstones and tin ore which are found in commercial quality. These mineral resources have not been fully tapped for the benefit of our people.
It must be noted too that this federal constituency has produced several technocrats, academicians, top military brass, business moguls, reputable technicians, administrators and politicians who have contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria.
Education is the major industry in Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency. Our people place high premium on the training of the young ones and no wonder the area has one of the highest level of literacy in Kogi State. Virtually every community no matter how small it may be thrives to establish both primary and secondary schools using self-help initiative.
The above is the picture of the constituency years back, but today, retrogression has set in, the road network is in bad shape, electricity supply is epileptic, water supply is in short supply, school buildings are weak, hospitals and health centres lack adequate staff as well as drugs. Essential social facilities are lacking virtually in all communities. Tens of thousands of our youths and womenfolk are jobless and hungry.
Widespread poverty is a serious challenge in Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency it is estimated to have affected about seventy percent of the population. Its underlying causes include the population’s lack of access to productive assets, social services, technology and infrastructure and its deprivation from effective participation in economic development efforts.
The time has come for our people to put on their thinking caps and reason together as a people to shake off poor representation at various elective posts. It is time for us all to come together to look beyond our community, religion or creed, personal interest or political party and get the right individuals for various positions. Collective interest of the people of this constituency should be topmost among our politicians.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal seeks to achieve investment effectiveness by focusing on the priorities of the people in order to make the most effective impact on poverty reduction in Okene Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency. With the view of attaining his set objectives, Rt. Hon. Lawal has promised to give maximum priority in terms of attention to agriculture, education, basic health care delivery and sustainable rural development.
His agricultural and rural development policy have the vision for agriculture to play a significant and catalytic role in supporting technological and policy changes that will trigger a lasting transformation of the state and the rural areas in particular by empowering the citizens to improve productivity and real incomes in a sustainable manner.
The question on the lips of most of our people is:
How do we achieve this collective interest as a people and through whom? The answer to this question is simple and is at the door step of everyone from Okene-Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency. One of the illustrious, industrious and committed sons of the constituency, Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal popularly called Kennedy, a renowned business administrator and a philanthropist has indicated his good intention to serve the people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives come 2019. Rt. Hon. Lawal is a multi- talented, distinguished Nigerian, a dedicated entrepreneur with his modest calling in helping people, who identifies their needs and acts as a catalyst and a bridge from their current state to their next level. Kennedy is a dynamic, resourceful and goal driven individual saddled with the responsibility of bringing values to the lives of his people.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal has most attributes of a great leader. He is eloquent, brilliant, social, courageous, affable, stupendous, humane, patient, humble, prudent and frank. He is adequately equipped to represent the people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. He has invested in both capital and human development at home and beyond, and he has promised to invest more on these, if given the mandate by the people to represent them in the lower chamber of the National Assembly.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal is full of ideas –positive ideas which have been the most important driving force for him as a legislator. He is an unstoppable achiever who will turn-around the misfortunes of Okene- Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency. He will improve on the present tempo of representation in the House of Representatives. He will do less of talking but with more of projects initiation and execution to be carried out by him if elected by the good people of the district. He is fully determined to correct the past wrongs and omissions in order to move the district ahead. From the onset, he has assured the people that the entire district would receive the attention it deserves, if elected to the House of Representatives by the people. He is a stout and ardent member of the People’s Democratic Party. He is working hard to reposition the party in the constituency along with other committed leaders of the party in the area.
He is a man full of life, energy and focused. The vast experiences he has in resource management will aid him to bring the much desired progress and development to the constituency and Nigeria as a whole. He is not influenced by any sentiment but rather believes in performance-not just performance but high performance. He believes that competency should take precedence over any other consideration for the post of House of Representatives in the constituency. That is, competency should not be sacrificed for any parochial or trivial issue such as ethnicity or where you come from, religion, age, sex, social strata or any odd or distorted history that will hinder development of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency.
Rt. Hon. Lawal is a leader with a marked difference, he believes that positive change must be brought to bear on the federal constituency through effective leadership. He strongly keys into what Socrates, the great Greek philosopher once said, which is “  – – – the best punishment for wise-men and good men who refuse to take the responsibility of ruler-ship is to suffer and grumble under the misrule of idiots.” Clearly, Kennedy never wants to share from such punishment hence, he has made himself available to lead the people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency and he has remained very focus and he is working towards rebuilding the dilapidated constituency.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal is a progressive people centred advocate, who believes that political power should be used to transform and effect fundamental changes in the constituency and Nigeria in general. Rt. Hon. Lawal holds the strong view that, those who must seek political office must be able to articulate in clear and purposeful terms their visions and missions. He is a powerful exponent of good leadership, the instrument that politicians or leaders should use to transform the constituency’s abundant human and natural resources into great opportunities and prosperity for the benefit of the masses they claim to lead.
Rt. Hon.  Lawal is a community and a religious leader who has put his life on the line to assist people that need his assistance.
Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal it is a household name and a well-known personality in Okene as well as beyond Ebira land. An agile and pragmatic individual, who has the big heart to weather storms and at the end of it all, he comes up more successfully. He is a prolific and prudent manager of resources.
Reading between the lips of Rt. Hon. Lawal, he has promised to promote unity in Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency, eliminate poverty, wants and ignorance from the constituency,  encourage the development of agriculture and commerce, promote active participation of the people in all strategic sectors, support as well as provide gainful employment to youths from the constituency, work towards rural integration, this is aimed at enhancing improved rural life for every of his constituent member, collaborate with the state and federal governments in areas of health care delivery, water supply, electricity supply and improved educational environment for our people. All the above areas, Rt. Hon. Lawal has promised to address if given the mandate to represent the good people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency under the platform of the People’s Democratic People (PDP) in the 2019 general elections.
As it is today, he is fully ready to give strong representation on behalf of the good .people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. He has carefully packaged his cardinal points. Reading through the lines, he has publicly promised to influence the federal government to locate more projects that will help to propel constituency to the next level of its development. He has also promised to provide adequate representation at the national level. He has also made it known to the people of the area that he will collaborate with the government at the central, state and with international agencies in the areas of provision of social amenities to the amiable people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal constituency.
The empowerment of orphans, the widows, artisans and the youths will take central stage of his presence in the lower chamber of the National Assembly. He has also promised to provide robust and quality debates on the floor of the chamber that will move Nigeria forward.
Rt. Hon. Lawal has further promised to:
Construct and rehabilitate more roads in the area.
Encourage the growth and development of cottage industries.
Provide more scholarships for indigent students.
Foster more harmonious relationship between and amongst the various communities.
Protect the interests of the farmers, workers and peasants of the area, and to strive to obtain for them the greatest possible returns for their labour.
The sweet story of Rt. Hon. Lawal depicts a life full of service to mankind. Through hard work, he has attained great heights as you can see today. He has showcased good leadership traits and by extension changing the face of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency through his pragmatic initiatives.
The constituency has gotten the right man for the job of the House of Representatives comes 2019 there is no doubt about it, it is in person of MOMOH JIMOH LAWAL. He should be supported for the seat. The people must be conscious of the fact that the individual they choose for the House of Representatives must be competent enough to bring rapid developments to them. Individual quest for leadership in the constituency by 2019 must always be matched by a corresponding track record to the people which Rt. Hon. Lawal has achieved for himself.
When the right individuals are in power just as we look forward for Rt. Hon. Lawal come 2019, roads will be fixed, industries will bounce back, jobs will be available for the youths, excellent health care delivery will be put in place, education will be effectively cared for and there will be enough for all the people to share.
From what we have known and have seen in Kennedy, he is ready and well equipped to make a marked difference in terms of representation for Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency if given the nod. To many of us from the constituency who know him, we believe he is the right candidate for the job ahead, his rich pedigree is well known to all.
There are several things we cannot take away from Rt. Hon. Lawal.
You will only see Rt. Hon. Lawal where successful leaders are found. Lawal has the zeal and commitment needed to move the constituency forward.
He is strongly determined to engage more youths and women as part of his team to salvage the constituency from its current state of economic woes.
Though the level of unemployment, economic and environmental development appears daunting, but with the right support,  Lawal will evolve opportunities that will give birth to a virile constituency.
Rt. Hon. Lawal that we know is capable of doing something exceptional, because that is what he was born to do.
Rt. Hon. Lawal is bringing a wealth of knowledge and global best practices to the constituency which could be shared in the course of growing the economy of the area. The people need to advance in capabilities. Sir Isaac Newton one said “If I have seen further than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” The economy of this constituency needs to urgently find some giants in whom the people of Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency can stand to ensure visible progress is achieved. We strongly believe that Rt. Hon. Lawal is one of the giants in the constituency’s politics that will allow the people to stand on his shoulders. He is a man who has seen beyond his peers and compatriots.
Rt. Hon. Lawal is of the view that leadership is not just about personal gains but about people’s growth. According to J.F. Kennedy, former President of United States of America, “A society that cannot take care of the many who are poor, cannot save the few who are rich.” To many out there, a durable leadership is expected to resolve the needs of every citizen in the society especially the poor. This is what the Rt. Hon. Lawal has promised to address in Okene-Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency if elected into the House of Representatives by the good people of the constituency.
– Felix Udebu
S A Media to Rt. Hon. MomohJimoh Lawal

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