Okene-Ogori/Magongo 2023: Capt Timi Iyela for House of Reps

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Captain Timi Iyela it is a household name and a well-known personality in Kogi Central as well as beyond Kogi State. An agile and pragmatic individual, who has the big heart to weather storms and at the end of it all, he comes up more successfully. He is one of the rare gems longing to become a member of the House of Representatives come 2023.

Captain Timi Iyela is one of the illustrious sons of Kogi State, a well brought up man and a highly dedicated young man, a leader in the making. He hails from Ogori town in Ogori/ Magongo Local Government Area, but was born in Ilorin, Kwara State on 2nd February 1989.

As a young man who has distinguished himself both in Kogi State and Nigeria, a philanthropist and a high – flying pilot, he has been receiving calls to come out to contest for the House of Representatives election for the Okene/Ogori/Magongo Federal Constituency in 2023 general elections.

These calls have been coming from the youths, artisans, students, market women, professional bodies, religious organizations and the indigents before the turn of 2021.

After much consultations and persuasions from his party faithful, family members, leaders, followers and the general public, Capt. Iyela has agreed to heed to the call of all. Today, he is a front- runner for the seat of the House of Representatives for the above named federal constituency on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Voluntarily, people from various communities in the constituency are re-grouping into vanguards to give him their maximum support. Capt. Iyela is not a novice to the sorry state of the developments in Kogi State.

He stands out among his peers politically. He has an unstained relationship with every cadre of people in his constituency, he is close to all, he never distances himself from the aspirations of the people. He knows most of the needs of the people and he has promised to work towards them as he used to do in the past.

He has joined politics in order to use it as a bigger platform to solve myriads of problems confronting the people and he has promised to use politics to bring even development to Okene/ Ogori/Magongo axis if elected by the people of the constituency. He has set achievable goals for himself in order to make impact in the area.

The Bio-Sketch of Timi Iyela

Timi was born into a family of five and raised by parents who both meritoriously served the Nation and its people primarily through the civil service.

During his childhood, he moved along with his family to Abuja as they took up greater responsibilities in delivering dedicated services to Nigerians. Notably, his parent’s efforts yielded significant results in particularly in the areas of education and development.

Having had an early exposure to such learning experiences, Timi has grown to prioritise education and development as two key components of a better society. In building upon the exemplary leadership of patriotic sacrifice fostered in childhood he continues to nurture his desire to create new levels of improved impact centred on the people.

Education – High school and University

While completing his primary and secondary school education at Olumawu Nursery and Primary School, Abuja and Adesoye College, Offa respectively, Timi displayed good character and outstanding leadership which led to his selection as the assistant head boy in his final year in Adesoye College. This recognition was based on his record of purposeful commitment to supporting the pursuit of himself and schoolmates in achieving academic excellence and self-development.

During this period he had the unique opportunity to interact with and manage affairs of a student body in which the diversity of Nigeria was represented. It was by this means that he developed a firm belief and dedication to the interconnectedness and strength in unity amidst diversity – a point that is even more relevant across communities in Nigeria today. The themes of mutual respect, focused determination and self-sacrifice are emphasised as his notable attributes at this stage of his life.

Timi attended the American University of Nigeria, Yola and graduated with a degree in Economics taking particular interest in the behaviours of households and firms while exploring the novel insights around decision-making and resource planning.

Through the solid academic exposure to such fields as development economics, statistics and comparative politics he gained a better understanding of the workings of government and policies as well as the limitations that require the balance of creative and pragmatic approaches. This ultimately informs his people-focused inclination on the guiding principles of government policies and programmes that enable and achieve key socio-economic goals. As such, he firmly believes in and promotes new and improved policies that are for the progress of the people.

He was trained as a pilot at Flight Training in Florida, U.S.A. Worked at Arik airlines Ltd and is currently working at a reputable international airline. He has travelled to over one hundred countries in the course of performing his official duty.

The Present – What drives him?

Along the path of his service as an international commercial pilot, Timi has leveraged the opportunity provided by visits to over 100 countries to learn about the unique systems that work. Across the world, he has observed the vital systems and structures that deliver key outcomes of improved human capacity – particularly through healthcare and education – as well as enabling factors such as good governance and critical infrastructure that supports growth and development.

Inspired by this exposure, he began to actively explore his renewed desire to contribute to the progress and greater success of his community at home. Through his community engagement as a leader within the Ogori Descendants Union and volunteer activities at a number of charities he has developed a deeper connection and understanding of the people in dire need of the a system that works.

Currently, Timi Iyela is a licensed commercial pilot with one of the world biggest airlines, and also a student of Herriot Watt University, UK, where he is running a Master program in Urban and Regional planning.

Timi is running to represent and serve the Okene and Ogori-Magongo constituency, offering the freshness of his knowledge, skills and capacity, to drive the creation of a better system that truly works for the people.

Timi Iyela’s Footprints

Capt. Timi Iyela has been a frontline philanthropist who is well known for his meekness to the indigents. Recently, he supported one Mr. Dauda Sheidu, a physically challenged vulcanizer who was admitted in the hospital in Abuja with finance. Scores of students in both secondary and tertiary institutions have benefitted from his largesse in form of scholarship, provision of textbooks and payment of NECO and WAEC examination fees. Artisans and widows have been empowered financially. He has provided free medical outreach to the people. A man of this kind-heart will do more for the people if given the opportunity to represent the people of this constituency in the national assembly come 2023.

Timi Iyela’s Attributes

There are many things you cannot take away from Capt. Timi Iyela. He is a man full of positive ideas and visions. He is honest and full of virtues. He is caring and compassionate. He is eloquent and unbendable in principle. He is generous to a fault. He is a community leader, who is strongly dedicated to things of God.

He is someone who loves to inspire others to achieve greatness in life. He has invested in the human soul, which could turn out to a diamond or gold tomorrow.

Timi’s life has value because he continually adds value to the lives of others by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion. It must be understood here that compassion is the antitoxin of the human soul.

Hon. Timi Iyela has most attributes of a great leader. He is eloquent, brilliant, social, courageous, affable, stupendous, humane, patient, humble, prudent and frank. He is adequately equipped to represent the people of Okene/Ogori/Magongo come 2023.

He has invested in both capital and human developments at home and beyond, and he has promised to invest more on these, if given the mandate by the people to lead them.

He is a rare gift, an intelligent administrator, strategist, crowd puller, a trader in ideas and reality, his strength lies in his powers of ideas and commitment to the lofty goals of life. He is a glittering icon.

This great philanthropist is ready and has a plan to refocus development in the constituency. He is prepared to lead, he is passionate about building a virile constituency that is distinguished by rapid, inclusive growth and development, where all citizens have equal right and privileges of their common heritage. His unparalleled knowledge will guide him to where there is need to correct lopsidedness of development in the constituency.

Capt. Timi is an embodiment of all the qualities found in a leader, he has strength of character and possesses a tremendous self-control. His style and person have been defined by his background and upbringing. He is well focused, intelligent and dependable. He is a man of vision who means well for everybody. He is kind, amiable, honest, loyal, cool-headed, brilliant and frank gentleman to the core.

Capt. Timi shares Albert Schweitzer principles, “The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others”.

He is a man full of life and energy. The vast experiences he has in resource management will aid him to bring the much desired progress and development to the constituency and Nigeria as a whole. He is not influenced by any sentiment but rather believes in performance-not just performance but high performance. He believes that competency should take precedence over any other consideration for the post he is seeking for. That is, competency should not be sacrificed for any parochial or trivial issue such as ethnicity or where you come from, religion, age, sex, social strata or any odd or distorted history that will hinder development in the constituency.

His strength lies in the fact he is young, strong, educated, intelligent, bold, social, focused, God fearing, humble, friendly, confident, independent, charismatic, loved, peaceful, respectful and glad to deliver his manifesto, hope, change, action, and not business as usual.

As it is today, he is fully ready to give strong leadership to the good people of his constituency. He has carefully packaged his cardinal points. Reading through the lines, he has publicly promised to influence the federal government to locate more projects that will help to propel the constituency to the next level of its development. He has also promised to provide adequate leadership at the national level. He has also made it known to the people of the area that he will collaborate with the government at the central, and with international agencies in the areas of provision of social amenities to the amiable people of the area if elected as the next member of the national assembly.

The empowerment of orphans, the widows, artisans and the youths will take central stage of his leadership. He has also promised to provide robust and quality representation that will move the constituency forward.

As a youth confident of the future of his constituency, he desires your support to achieve his nomination and election into the national assembly as the next representative of the people of Okene/Ogori/Magongo federal constituency under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

– Mr. Dele Olonilebi

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