Oke-Offin’s Heroes in Memory: Late High Chief Elijah Aiyederu Omodara

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Late High Chief Elijah Aiyederu Omodara was the Alaherin and later the Elela of Okeoffin, a foremost Community leader,  business tycoon and successful farmer. He successfully set up coffee mill in Okeoffin thereby  putting Okeoffin on the businesses radar of the defunct Kwara State.
Chief Omodara  was  one of the sons of late Oba Olonieyi( one of the foremost Oba ever produced in Okeoffin.) Though the only child of his mum (who hailed from the Okego Royal family of Okebukun Bunu), Baba has one of the largest family in the modern day Okeoffin. He was a typical example of what Bunu people call gbajumo- this is evidenced in the architectural design of his house, his choice of clothes and photographs in his living room. In a simple term, Chief Omodara was a rich man and a leading example both to his peers and those behind.
He is remembered for his uncompromising stand against oppression and injustice. He believed and worked for the development of Bunu Land and actively participated in Bunu Development Association programmes, most meetings and activities of the Association were held in his House including the fund raising for the first Secondary school in Bunu Land.
High Chief Elijah Omodara was born in 1924 and died on 2 December 1992 at the age of 68. His death sent shivers into marrow of all as he was a leading voice in the Community. He was always very frank and passes his message without fear or favour, baba was known for confronting issues not minding whose horse was gored. His common saying was ” If my mother fight in the market place and he is at fault, I will openly point it out to her”.
He was survived by many children, grand children and great grand children. Among them, Mr Samuel Omodara, Branch Manger, Gogoni Nigeria Ltd, Pastor Wk Omodara Chief Joel Omodara a retired DSS officer, Commander Jerry Omodara rtd, State Security Adviser to Kogi State Government and host of others.
May his soul find eternal rest with his Maker.
– Olorunsuwa, Elijah Ola

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