Of Twitteria, Victory and the Big Burden of Service

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It’s now apparent that they weren’t just four people in the room. Many more had existed in the neighborhoods than inside the tweeting room. As it’s now clear, they have come to prove to the world that they are a force. They’re the proverbial small y*sh wey de shake. 

And even though the numbers trickled in and eventually put us in a decisive win, I’m awed by the quick crystallization of their ideas. Their Movement suggested some hope, BUT more Nigerians agree that ours is a Congress that is better prepared to deliver HOPE to them.

On the whole, I guess patriots across board are excited about the possibilities that are now available and viable when it comes to political expressions. This knowledge and the energies it disburses shall put us on the spotlight of real service just as Asiwaju himself indicated in his acceptance speech. This is good for our Nation. 

These dynamics will compel us to add more grit to our resolve. These dynamics mean that nothing but our performance will earn us a second term. Nothing is a given anymore. The people must be convinced. They must be served. Electorate is now king.

Please, dear President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, let’s make this Nation truly great once and for all, God helping us. 

Congratulations, Nigeria.

– Tade Oshaloto, SMCISM, ANIPR, wrote from Igbaruku Okeri.

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