Of Winning, ‘Peppers’ and What’s Now at Stake

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One thread that have continued to run through the feedbacks I get from all my friends who have left the country in the past one year is how much we have been shortchanged by the ruling class. Of course, this is a no-brainer, it is visible to the blind. But, for me, each time we talk matters Nigeriana, the enormity of what awaits succeeding administrations become all the more apparent.

What would save Nigeria is not in the hands of one single administration. This is why it is sheer mischief to drop all the blames of what should have been squarely on the laps of any individual government, not the least the outgoing government. All past administrations essentially belong to one class – successive administrations. Notwithstanding, the specifics that must be written in bold characters against each administration will not go away. Whether it be praiseworthy or whether it be not.

By the recent position of of prominent individuals like outgoing governor of Ebonyi, it is clear that the honeymoon may be winding down. He indicated that the country is at a critical point, a defining moment, if you will.

Now, this is precisely why sleeves must be rolled up already. Assessments do come from unexpected quarters.

National interest first.

I say to myself that Nigeria will not be worth the love and passion that millions of us are investing in her WITHOUT the hope of a think-tank, knowledge-driven, positively disruptive and turnaround leadership that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is bringing on board. The incoming president has his work well cut out for him and thankfully the air around him is that of hope.

Surprisingly, some who are still in high partisan spirits do not yet appreciate the enormity of the task ahead of our man. Some comrades are still in the euphoria of our 71-day old victory, a well deserved victory by the way. We are still poking fun at members of the opposition in a manner that betrays proper appreciation of what is at stake.

For the record, it is valuable to take a lesson from Senator-elect David Nweze Umahi who earlier in the week called for a concerted effort towards rebuilding our country. And even though the gentleman governor may have made the call on the back of what was clearly a desperate effort to market his ambition to be president of the 10th Senate, his call is exactly the patriotic debt we all owe our country. The debt of love and of national pride.

The nation building fervor that transformed deserts to global business and development hubs in the middle east, the passion and near-fanatical commitments that transited Singapore from third world to a first world, the ‘insane’ faith that has changed nations from beggarly statuses to lending nations, this is what I pray for Asiwaju. I know he will succeed even as I pray that fellow Nigerians of whichever partisan leaning become decorous, work ready and willing to make more friends for the new government.

May Nigeria succeed.

I write this from Kogi State. Kogi is bordered by about ten other states. The worth of our mineral resources is in multiples of billion of dollars. Ask Dangote, ask Otedola. Yagba West for example has a massive dam that can support industrial scale agriculture and electricity generation. This is in addition to massive deposit of solid minerals.

– Tade Oshaloto writes from Lokoja.

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