NGO Drags Kogi-based Ceramic Firms to PCC Over Alleged Industrial Slavery

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A non-governmental organisation, Pan-African United Youth Development Network has dragged two Kogi state based firms, BN Ceramic Company and West Africa Ceramics Company, before the Public Complaint Commission (PCC) over alleged abuse, sexual harassment, industrial slavery and maltreatment of Nigerians.

The NGO submitted its complaints at the PCC Abuja office on Monday, demanding justice for the victims.

The Chief Commissioner, Chief Chile Igbawua, assured the group that the commission would leave no stone unturned to unravel the alleged industrial slavery and would invoke labour law on anyone or company found guilty.

“The news was very incensing and is inhuman. We have labour law in Nigeria for goodness sake and we have industrial standard people working in industry depending on the kind of and entitle to personal protective equipment where they work. They are also entitle to minimum condition of service. That is why I commend your organisation again because the staff are already threatened and unable to speak up or voice out and what need to be done is for somebody to voice out on their behalf which is what you have done because of your step this matter have gone to the government.

“I am happy you said you have submitted a copy of the petition to our state office in Kogi, and because of the magnitude of this problem, I will not allow only commissioner from state to handle, I will also step in. I know governor have his own step to take but we have a mandatory duty by our mandate.

“We shall write them and visit them to see thing for ourselves but I can assure you that whatever wrong that has been done to that place or people we shall take appropriate step.

“The laws of this country are very clear, we will not subject ourselves to the foreign investors for re-colonisation. We are sovereign nation, we are proud Nigerians. For the fact that we have resources doesn’t not mean our resources should be used to enslave us again and we are going to take this matter very seriously.

“We cannot subject ourselves to foreign investors, we are independent, we are proud Nigerians and our resources cannot be used to enslave us again.

“We will ensure that going forward the conditions of service in those two industries and others are brought to conform with the laws of this country.

“I want to encourage you that whatever you have done is a great national service. I also assure you of our collaboration, you can count on us anytime that you have any information.

“We are go into it and we will get to the depth of the matter and ensure justice is done,” he said.

The President of Pan Africa United Youth Developments Network, Amb. Habeeb Mohammed said all the group wanted is justice.

“The reason why we are here today is to bring to your notice what is happening in the two Chinese company in Kogi state – BN Ceramic Industry Nig. Ltd and West Africa Ceramics – on how they threaten our people in our own country.

“We want to tell Nigerian that we won’t sleep to watch them make Nigerian a slave in our own country,” he said.

Muhammed had expressed their concern, particularly on BN ceramics Nigeria Limited, in Kogi, over alleged injustice and other irregularities the company visited on Nigerian youths, whom they engaged as factory workers.

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