New System of Slavery in Our Land

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At my akamu/akara joint in Isanlu, Yagba East local government of Kogi State, this morning, I saw some ugly incidents which must be stopped. If the symptoms persist, I will start a movement to stop it.

I will call your attention to the bumps that I advocated that with the grace of God and the intervention of Isanlu youths, the death rates on our high way has been brought down.

This time, it is the BASSA/TIVS children that are used as house helps. I saw them being sent on errands after 8 o clock when they should be in school. I asked the boy, he said the children of his master are already in school. This is bad.

As I was interrogating him, another one was trekking to school late. I was made to know that the masters kids have been transported early by okada to school. To worsen the situation, I was made to realise that those that I see now are far better than those that are kept at home without going to school.

This is slavery. This must stop. These are normal children, sharp and smart. It is condition that brought them to this level. I once had them as house boys. They slept on the same bed with my kids, eat the same food, attend schools and me and my wife monitored his school work. I had the intention of sponsoring him to any level he could attain.

These children are serving them free. No kobo is paid to their parents. I know this sad situation is across the state but must be halted. I will personally start the movement along with whoever thinks the same way with me.

I have warned that the rich will soon cry. These children you are maltreating will one day be your saviour. There are governors, ministers, commissioners, millionaires among them. What you sow today, you or the pampered kids of yours will inherit tomorrow. And tomorrow is near.

I am a seasoned educationist, and church leader. So, I must be concerned.

Be warned.

– Hon Elesho Joseph

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