Never Worship Man-Made gods (1)

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Look at us, a force to reckon with all over the globe. Our reach is quite marveling.  In all sphere of life, there is always a Nigerian doing something great. Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate our marveling stride back home. Every sector that makes up Nigeria is characterized by fantastic corruption.

However, it will be wrong to always blame our leaders as though they are the architect of all that is corrupt. On the flip side, we understand that an individual forms the cell of anation. First, there is an individual who is a member of a family. Next, such family dwells in a location. A collection of families within a location makes up a nation.

Having established the above, we clearly understand that no individual exist in isolation. Dike Chukwumerije tells us in one of his audacious exposé that  becoming a political figure especially in Nigeria paves way for ceaseless wealth. Such wealth are known as public fund but in reality, they are Worshiped funds. Those who possess it are often comfortably seated behind tinted car and glass houses. When They drive past our narrow roads often times poorly built by one of them, they do so with all pride. You find them outrightly barking at other road users to exit the way because Hon. Dr Sunkumi, Odowgu Usman is on his way to the Central mosque or church.

So, when Farook Kperogi did mention a few days ago in one of his writings that political power damages the brain, I felt confused. However, after reading his article, I knew more.

Many Nigerians have a clever way of making one a god. They worship the rich irrespective of the source of wealth. A boy swindles an old pensioner of his or her life savings and then throws up a large party. He becomes an idol of some repute. More often than not, such a fellow is called nicknames such as ; Chairmo, Odogwu, Alagha, Alhaji, Oyisi Malay…

That fellow loves the reward he is getting.  He is therefore much more propelled to up his swindling prowess. Somehow, he gets arrested after a failed attempt. The people! they begin to say things such as “That boy was a thief oh but he do well. He share money”. But the people are to be held responsible. By unconsciously hailing him, they probably knew that they were encouraging him to steal some more if he can.

Same applies to political leaders. We worship them for buying us vehicles and for other materials. When the election nears, they demand our loyalty at all cost.  So when they eventually set out for another four years, they milk us until we drop blood. I dare to say that we are the architect of our society. What we see is not strange, it is germinated seed.

To be continued.

– Olayinka Kayode

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