Natasha Rekindles the Hope of Less Privileged, Celebrates Sallah With Her Adopted 600 Children

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In her usual act of benevolence, the founder of Builders Hub Impact Investment Program (BHIIP), Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti on Sunday celebrated Eid-el-fitr with the 600 children she adopted.
Food were distributed to the children for them to eat to their satisfaction and feel the joy of the Sallah celebration.
Speaking with newsmen, the personal assistant of the philanthropist who represented her at occasion, Comrade Hamza Lamisi said, the programme is in fulfilment of the readiness of the social reformer to take full responsibility of the 600 children she adopted.
“It will be recalled that earlier this year, we payed the tuition fee of the 600 children for the 2017/2018 academic session, which was followed by distribution of school bags, clothes and sandals.
“Natasha believes in the potential of the children, what they need is support to rekindle their hope and set them for greatness. Education is the only tool we can use to change the society and its sustainable development and Natasha is ready to help every willing mind to acquire it,” he said.
The children who are mostly orphans could not hide their joy as they continued to extol Natasha’s name in the air.
When asked who is Natasha to them, one of the children said, “Natasha is our mother, she is the one that is paying our school fees, the last time she came, she gave us school bag, this clothe and the sandal I am wearing.  I want her to live long and continue to pay our school fees, give us more clothes, bag, sandal and food”, the boy said.
In a way of supporting the selfless service of the philanthropist, the youths who coordinated the programme later staged solidarity tour across Kogi Central Senatorial District while calling others to emulate the godly path she has chosen to tread and join hand with her in the struggle to resuscitate Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL).
Natasha who was spurred by her penchant for education; the need for an average Nigerian to have education and to demonstrate the lesson taught by her father she decided to adopt the 600 pupils’ tuition fee in 2016 in commemoration of her late father, Dr. Jimoh Abdul Akpoti of blessed memory.
In the last two years she adopted the primary education of the  600 pupils among whom are 278 Orphans, the philanthropist has been paying their tuition fee, providing school bags, clothes, shoes and other necessary materials for them.
Natasha’s golden heart negates the view Christopher Lasch called our culture of self-absorption and narcissism which lamented the idea of giving for the sake of others or a common future that seems just plain out of touch. In the  face of avarice and self centeredness in the society, Natasha choose to be different.

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