Natasha For Senate: A Project Whose Time Has Finally Come

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As far as philanthropic and humanitarian gestures are concerned, the name, Natasha Akpoti-Oduaghan stands out across Ebiraland, Kogi state and beyond. Even before she decided to venture into partisan politics in her quest to seek a bigger platform to touch and transform lives and give back to humanity, she had engaged in several life transforming and capital projects ranging from construction of link roads, sponsorship of hundreds of pupils and students across the state, financial aides to the needy, the hospitalised and victims of disasters, just to mention a few, which has endeared her to hundreds of thousands of anebira, at home and abroad.

The exploit of the Ihima half-caste, humanitarian, philanthropist and politician in ensuring that the federal government do the needful towards the revitilization of Ajaokuta Steel Complex is worthy of note and exemplary. Her struggle which earned her the nickname, “Queen of Steel” shook this country to its foundation and forced the eighth national assembly to act by inviting her to the hallowed chamber to address the legislature, discuss the matter during plenary and passed a bill that a percentage of the consolidated revenue fund be set aside for the the completion of Ajaokuta Steel Complex. Even though the bill wasn’t signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari, the effort of Natasha has resulted in the federal government making a number of moves at ensuring the realisation of the completion of the gigantic Steel Complex.

The “Amazon” as she is fondly called by her teaming admirers, has no doubt paid her dues as far as giving back to her immediate community and the state at large is concerned. This is why her entrance into the political arena a couple of years ago was greeted with wide acceptance and loud jubilation within the state and beyond. Although the forces that be in the state had vehemently worked against her political interest when she contested for the positions of senator on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Governor on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) it is generally believed by well meaning anebira that the time to get Natasha Akpoti-Oduaghan into the senate is now.

Aside the fact that Natasha is a trained Lawyer and a Barrister at Law, her loud voice towards making the completion of Ajaokuta Steel Complex a reality, compassionate disposition towards the down trodden and her passion for always standing in defence of the oppressed puts her miles ahead of her contemporaries in the race for Kogi central senate. It is on record that since Nigeria’s return to democratic rule in 1999, Kogi central has never gotten it right in terms of sending the right people to represent us at the red chamber of the national assembly. We crave and a  selfless personality who is vibrant, brilliant and intellectually savvy. Kogi central deserves a loud voice to champion and amplify our course and interest in the hallowed chamber, we need a personality who will do good  to all anebira irrespective of religion, clan or political leaning.

In the spirit of equity, fairness and justice, it would make a lot of common sense for an aspirant of Okehi origin to be considered for the senate seat of Kogi Central Senatorial District. Okene and Adavi already occupied the position of senator, it is only fair that a different local government is considered this time around in the interest of unity, harmonious coexistence and political balance. Kogi Central Senatorial District earnestly ask for Natasha Akpoti-Oduaghan for senate, on her mandate we stand and the time for ‘Amazon’ is now.

– Hussain Obaro

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