Natasha Akpoti; Great Onono of Africa Giving Attention to The Less Privileged

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I will continue to praise to whom praise is due to. Barrister Natasha H. Akpoti is second to none as far as Ebira Land is concerned. She is not political office holder, with her God’s mind she adopted 600 children, clothing them, caring for their needs and especially their education.

Barrister Natasha is a God-fearing philanthropist who does not look down on anybody and believe vulnerable children can become somebody and do more than what she doing now.

I am appealing to private individuals and politician that have made in life to emulate Barrister Natasha in other local governments or communities to minimize the suffering of orphans, vulnerable children and disabled community. I am also pleading with Barrister to extend her kind gesture to other local governments if people fail listen to my call.

Barrister Natasha Akpoti, you remain Great Onono of Africa and Oyareme of Ebira Land.

How I wish Kogi Central know your worth, they would have been begging you to take the Senatorial Seat unopposed come 2019, but reverse is the case. We reason differently.

Sky is the beginning of your success, mother of 600 children.

Comrade Yakubu Nazir

President, Kogi Central Forecast Group

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