My Visit to ‘Aji Ala’ in Okpo Last Year and My Observations

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As we all know, Okpo, the headquarter of Olamaboro, has a lot of problems. Problems that have been ongoing for decades like no electricity, banks, yet apparently there are still no solutions for them. One of the problems that is becoming unbearable for the citizens of this community is the issue of no water supply.

It is a natural fact that water is very essential for every living thing and without water we cannot be able to live our life even for a few days. Water is the second most important basic need of human beings. However, water problem in Okpo has aggravated and no one at the helm of affairs seems to pay any heed to the acute water problem that face Okpo for the past 20 years.

Okpo is a community that enjoy water supply before. In time past, when GSS Okpo was built, they constructed a water project (Aji Ala) which they used in supplying water used in the school building project. After the German Reverend, who was the contractor that handle the project finished his work, it was deem fit that the water should be channeled to various homes in Okpo. I remember our water tap in my father’s compound always rushing with full flow of water in time past.

What happen to that project? Why can’t the government take advantage of Aji Ala and Aji Okpo to solve the water problem in Okpo?

My visit to Aji Ala and Aji Okpo revealed to me that we have solution to our own problem but we lack those leaders to see beyond making political campaigns their priority, living their primary social responsibilities at zero level, yet they want us to vote them again.

The money used in digging 4 boreholes can get this water project done and Okpo will enjoy water supply. Instead of digging boreholes that will only work on the day for commissioning, Aji Ala and Aji Okpo will be a lasting solution to situation of water in Okpo. It will be best if the government, either at the state or local level, can take advantage of it.

– Robert Arome Oma Eboh.

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