My Take on The View of Igala Youths on Our Leaders

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It is quite unfortunate that most Igala youths burn their bridges after crossing on it to another side forgetting so soon that they may need those bridges again in their journey of life.

The ungrateful spirits in some of us have shifted our mindsets towards negative thoughts thereby forgetting the good deeds of our leaders and even those around us.

Even those that their curriculum vitae can’ fetch them a job in Ajetachi Primary School are joining the bandwagon to criticize Prof. Seidu Onailo Mohammed of NARSDA for selling jobs to Igala sons and daughters at a very high amount of money thereby denying the eligible candidates the rights to be fixed into the agency.

First, we need to understand that NARSDA is not an Igala agency neither is it meant for the Igalas alone. We have over 100 ethnic groups in Nigeria, in Kogi alone, we have more than 7. By this, everyone in his right senses supposed to have understood that even as the Director General of the Agency with the privilege or opportunity to favor his people, there is a limit to which he can go.

All Igala graduates can’t start working at NARSDA because the agency is managed by the son of the soil.

This is so wrong!

Secondly, we have to recognize that, everything has protocol and due process which must be followed. That your tribal person is heading an agency doesn’t warrant you to wake up in the morning and start going to his office without booking an appointment.

I read a story of some Igala youths who went to his office to see him, waiting at the office entrance in the morning to meet him as get to the office. Good and fine, they met him but he asked them to go and book an appointment and follow the due process. This was his offence!

Why did he not allow them to follow him to his office? Why did he not to collect their CVs? Why did he not give them much attention to speaking with them? Wait: How can someone who does not know you before, and was not expecting you around, allow you to follow him to his office in the morning?

Common, who the hell does this kind of thing? You can’t call yourself a graduate and then batch into someone’s office early in the morning without a prior call or appointment. That you are a graduate means you have been found worthy in character and in learning”. Learn to apply that wherever you go.

Let’s stop disgracing our selves and our leaders at the helm of affairs otherwise we make them the subject of mockery to the world.

Thirdly, we have to understand that as the DG of an Agency, his tables are very occupied with loads of official assignments to attend to coupled with his family and his own personal challenges, he can’t attend to everyone, he can’t pick everyone’s call, he can’t reply to everyone text messages especially if you belong to the group of the thousands of youths that calls every day looking for job. He can’t give all of us job at the same time. That you called and he does not pick doesn’t mean he hates you, he might not be in the position to attend to your problems at that time.

He has done his best, he has served in his own capacity and has made us happy and proud as Igala’s. He deserves accolade, he deserves appreciations, he deserves our support for higher positions.

When next you see any Igala youth blackmailing or criticising Prof Seidu Onalo Mohammed, call the person to order, to have a rethink and to be mindful of the consequences of his words in his career as the bridges we burnt down today may be the same bridges we might need to cross to the other side tomorrow.

God bless Igala land.

– Omata David Omakoji

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