‘My Encounter With Emperor Abubakar Audu’ – Adebayo Ajagunna

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I will share my personal experience with Abubakar Audu, and deeply wonder if we are sane in this country or we just love punishment. Remember this dude not only stole the state blind with his amiable son Mohammed, and his opportunist then wife Aisha (who left him immediately after government largese stopped flowing), he named everything in the state after himself, his mother or his father.

I have never seen a politician treat his own people with such disdain, I shared this story on Petra’s wall a few weeks back. The British High Commissioner requested I represent him at Lokoja in a meeting he had scheduled with Audu I think I can’t remember the exact year. So off I went from Abuja to Lokoja, when I got to the government house I was met by the SSG. He was surprised that I was a black man, but as soon as we spoke and he established my credentials, he told me the governor was on his way and he had planned to receive the High Commissioner in a conference room in the state house complex, so the SSG led me into the room which was already packed full of the entire cabinet, press men and many others. I was ushered into a love seat, which I assumed was the governors VIP receiving seat.

The governor was on his way, I was told and there was the usual buzz in a room full of people. All of a sudden there was something of a commotion, and a hushed silence like the one you would hear in secondary school if your principal was coming towards your classroom block. When the man walked into the conference, I saw the most amazing sight I have ever seen in my life; as soon as he sauntered in like an emperor, EVERYBODY in that room went on a STOOP ON THE FLOOR. The SSG o, Commissioners o, even the press men with their big cameras all went down. Nobody could raise their head as the king walked in. I was in shock and became irritated by the scene before me, so I rose to my full height looking him in his eye as he walked towards me. He was looking at me too with a question obviously expecting to see an “Oyinbo” I guess no one had told him the High Commissioner’s representative was a black man. As he walked towards me with such arrogance and his face looking like “why is this one also not on the ground?” I just stuck my hand to him and offered him a handshake. He looked at my hand and looked at me with an eye that said “me a handshake?” then perhaps he remembered cameras were rolling and I was representing a foreign government, so he took my hand, shook it reluctantly and we proceeded to sit and discuss the business at hand.

Everyone stooping on the floor did not get up until His Imperial majesty took a seat. I could hardly disguise my irritation and I couldn’t help throwing a snide remark about how “respectful” his people were before i left. I just kept shaking my head all the way to Abuja and wondering how citizens of a state allow themselves to be put to that level of servitude and humiliation.

Audu ko Audi ni, is that not the state of Professor Pius Adesanmi? abeg….

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